Adele Was There For Rihanna and We Are Here For Adele…

We don’t know about you but we are living for Adele’s hair at the moment. If we could not love her more, Adele’s appearance at this weekend’s super bowl where her non-nonsense approach has resulted in yet another meme.

It has been reported that she told the two men next to her to “Zip It” as she was only there to watch Rihanna at the halftime show. With her 90’s power blow-dry, her don’t mess with me sunglasses and the hot pink lippy, Adele just makes you want to up your blow-dry game and shout girl power.

90s Luxury blow-drys are back, to create this power blow-dry you need a few tools and tricks up your sleeve but we are here to help. Since Adele’s residency at Las Vegas, we feel her blow-drys have become more polished and luxurious than ever. We have put together our essential products to allow you to get the luxury 90’s power blow-dry.

Invest in a good hairdryer, this blow-dry is not a blast dry. You need to shape the hair using a brush. We love the Bio-ionic Smart X hairdryer, it’s extremely fast, so lightweight that blowdrying is no effort, and uses 20% more airflow which allows you a healthier blow-dry and makes creating this blow-dry a dream! Find out more about this amazing product here.

Get yourself the right size and shape brush, our go-to brush is the ELEVEN Australia Medium Round Brush. The magnesium barrel cuts down on blow-dry time and retains heat to easily shape your hair. With a mixture of nylon and boar bristles, the brush controls and smooths even the most fizziest of hair.

This is where the magic happens, no power blow-dry can be complete without the help of ELEVEN Australia I Want Body styling products, but first your hair needs to look and feel nourished. We always start with Miracle Hair Treatment, this superhero product protects against heat damage, it’s moisturising and controlling frizz among its 11 benefits. Next, apply 2-4 pumps of I Want Body Volume Foam, not only does this give volume, it plumps and gives you amazing staying power.

Next is the hard work, our top tip is to pin sections of the hair up and allow to cool into shape, if you have finer hair and want to go for the “extra” version, apply I Want Body Volume Powder at the roots for the no-nonsense Adele vibe.

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