As A Salon Owner Do You Feel Left Behind?

At Wonderful Brands we know that keeping fresh, current and up-to date with your clients is as important as ever in present day. Whether that’s knowing how to properly communicate with your clients online, knowing the right ways of finding your new dream clients, or even simply using and finding current trends. Because of this, we spoke to Social Media Coach Vivienne Johns, and asked her to share her top tips for growing your Instagram page are. Continue reading to get the full story…

There may be many reasons why you need to start an Instagram from Ground Zero. Maybe you got hacked and had to start all over again or moved to a new salon and felt like a new page knew you were on the cards or maybe you have never had an Instagram page before (insert shocked gasp here).

My name is Vivienne Johns and I am a social media coach for the hair and beauty industry. I have been helping hair and beauty professionals to grow their page, to get seen and get booked since 2019.

Salon Gold came to me and asked me to contribute towards their blog. When asked what they would like me to talk about, they replied “how to grow your page from scratch”.

So here goes….

These are my top tips to grow your Instagram page from Zero to Hero…

Start by optimising your bio

When starting a new page, I know the urge to just rush forward and start posting is strong.

Most people completely overlook their BIO, their name and their USERNAME, but these are vital parts of optimising your Instagram page to make you more easily found by your dream clients.

Instagram uses keywords. Just like SEO on your website to help its users find content that is relevant and interesting to them.

Use words that your clients would use when they are searching for you.

For example, we as hairdressers, may say “lived in blonde” but your clients say “Balayage”. I mean they have only just learned how to say it, so let’s use the words that they use.

The name field underneath your profile picture is also searchable. If your name is already in your Instagram handle, you do not need to use it again in the NAME FIELD. Instead, describe what you do and where you are based.

For example, “Balayage Expert Cornwall”.

Understand who your dream client is

Before you post your first piece of content to your brand-new page, work out who your dream client is.

Understanding who your dream client is will help you to know what they want to see, learn, read, and hear on your Instagram page.

When you know exactly who your dream client is you will know their most asked questions, you will understand their pain-points and you will understand what it is they are looking for from their stylist.

Every time you post a piece of content, imagine that you were sitting with your dream client, you are showing them the picture or video that you are about to post.

Imagine what questions your dream client asks you about that picture or video. Answer these questions in the captions.

This will make your dream client feel seen and heard when they view your content in their news feed.

Use your page to educate your clients

The Instagram of 2022 is a very different place to how it used to be before the pandemic. Now people are looking for connections, they are looking for community.

Users of the platform are not satisfied with just looking at pretty pictures of hair anymore, your new audience wants to be educated, entertained, and included.

Think about how you can create content for your clients, think about what your clients are getting from it. Use your page to educate your clients about your products, your services and what makes you different from the salon down the road.

Ask questions that provoke conversation

Ask questions and include your followers in the conversation. Ask questions that provoke conversation.

This will help you to establish relationships with your followers and potential new clients.

Use Stories

Use Stories to show your life behind the scenes. Stories can help you humanise your page.

They only last for 24 hours, so don’t need to be as edited or curated as the rest of your content.

Use Reels

Reels will help you increase your audience more quickly.

Using trending audio will help you to gain more reach, but don’t forget to use local hashtags to index your content and tell the algorithm exactly who to show your Reels to.

Show up and talk on video

If the thought of talking to the camera fills you with dread, just know you are not alone.

No one likes the way the sound of their own voice. However, your clients don’t think the same.

Establish yourself as the expert

Talk about something you are super passionate about.

We all have that one thing that everybody else in the salon will come to us to ask about. For me, that was anything to do with curly hair.

Think about it, what is this thing that everybody asks you about? This is your area of expertise. Otherwise, known as your niche.

Niche down

Niching down into one area of expertise quickly establishes you as the expert in your field. It also makes posting to Instagram a lot easier.

Always talking about the same subject will create a strong and consistent message. Does it mean that you will never do any other type of hair? No, but you will see a lot more bookings for balayage come through for you.

With that said, you may be the best in the salon at clipper fades, but if you hate doing them, don’t make this your niche…. you will attract what you post.

Stay out of the news feed

Spending time scrolling through the news feed will not grow your page. Instead, head over to the hashtag page for your area.

You will find this in the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen on your EXPLORE page as for your town, then scroll along the tabs at the top to TAGS. This is where you will find all the content that has used the hashtag from your town.

Spend time engaging with the content and creators you find on this page. This is where you will find your new dream clients.

So, there you have my top 10 tips on what to do if you are starting a page from scratch. But even if your page has been established for quite some time, these tips will help you too. For more social media tips and tricks from Viv head over to her website here – The Hairdressers Social Club

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