Get ready to GLOW like never before this season with the release of ELEVEN Australia’s limited edition NEON Holiday collection.

A series of gifts for the holiday season that combines sustainability with the luminosity of neon-coloured beauty bags that you’ll want in every colour.

Choose from 5 vivid neon beauty bags – Blue, Pink, Lime, Yellow & Orange, with each gift containing a trio of shampoos, conditioners, and a third product tailored to every hair type.

CONTAINS: Hydrate My Hair Moisture Shampoo 300ML, Hydrate My Hair Moisture Conditioner 300ML & Detangle My Hair leave-In Spray 200MLCONTAINS: Smooth Me Now Anti-Frizz Shampoo 300ML, Smooth Me Now Anti-Frizz Conditioner 300ML & Smooth Me Now Thermal Spray 200ML (NEW)

CONTAINS: I Want My Body Shampoo 300ML, I Want My Body Conditioner 300ML & Detangle My Hair Leave-In Spray 200ML

CONTAINS: Keep My Colour Blonde Shampoo 300ML, Keep My Colour Blonde Conditioner 300ML & Sea Salt Texture Spray 200ML

CONTAINS: Repair My Hair Nourishing Shampoo 300ML, Repair My Hair Nourishing Conditioner 200ML & Miracle Hair Mask 200ML


Miracle Bon Bon: Miracle Hair Treatment Shampoo 50ML & Miracle Hair Treatment Conditioner 50ML

Blonde Bon Bon: Keep My Colour Blonde Shampoo 50ML & Keep My Colour Blonde Conditioner 50ML

Body Bon Bon: I Want My Body Shampoo 50ML & I Want My Body Conditioner 50ML

Enjoy guilt-free holiday gifting this season!

Thanks to our uber-fun packaging, you can enjoy guilt-free holiday gifting this season, eliminating the need for wrapping paper. And it doesn’t stop there! These beauty bags have been crafted from new environmentally friendly technology – a TPU material that ensures they’re 100% recyclable and bio-degradable in 3-5 years. They’re the perfect travel companions, ready to be reused as a stylish travel cube or carryall.

Introducing the latest addition to the ELEVEN Australia family Smooth Me Now Thermal Spray (AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY IN THE NEON HOLIDAY SMOOTH TRIO) 

Holiday season also means party season, and with that comes the need for hair that’s protected from heat styling.

Our new smoothing spray offers thermal protection up to 220 degrees Celsius (428 degrees Fahrenheit) to keep your hair nourished and safe from split ends. Say goodbye to dry, frizzy, and damaged hair and hello to fabulous holiday hair!

Want to create effortless looks with the NEON HOLIDAY series? Look no further! 

We’ve included a unique QR code with each gift, giving you access to everything from exclusive (and simple) how-to tutorials, to helpful ingredient and product information. Get set to up your styling game with expert haircare advice at your fingertips.

We spoke to Lucas from Head & Jones in Bognor about his journey from where his career all began as a salon stylist, to where he is now, running a gorgeous salon with his best friend in sunny Bognor Regis.

How did you end up as a salon owner?

So both Frankie and I were working together in another salon, employed full time, where there was no room for progression, so it was very much just a job. By opening our own salon it gave us the creative freedom we needed and the ability to offer a space for like minded hairstylists that also wanted a career path and not just a job.

What do you love about your job?

Definitely the social side of the salon is a top for me. Looking after my guests and creating their best hair moment. But I also love the marketing and visual side of the salon. Creating email marketing, social media posts, keeping our website up to date, window dressing, product placements. I also look at ways to engage with clients when they are not in the salon via digital.

What are the biggest challenges?

My biggest challenge was trying to work on my business whilst working in my business. So now I have time away from the salon floor to work on the business to ensure its future success. When you have a team you need to have procedures and policy’s in place from day one. If you are looking after anyone more than just yourself. This eliminates and major business challenges as all of the team get important time with myself and Frankie off the salon floor regularly to ensure we are all aligned as a team. I know what my team need and my team know what the business needs. We are all informed and great communication reduces the risk of challenges in the salon.

Why is salon retail important at H&J?

Because we act on fact and not emotion. We look at the figures and our guests that buy retail from us are more loyal to us as a salon. Our retail shelves’s are invisible stylists and help with boosting cash flow within our business that we can use to reinvest in things like training for our team, team incentive and treats and ultimately pay the rent ! Our stylists in the salon see great loyalty from their guests that take home their recommendations as well as reap the reward of non capped commissions. By working with specific chosen brands like eleven Australia it helps attract our perfect client market who are drawn to the same things that we like at Head & Jones hair. Cruelty free, mostly vegan and more importantly young at heart. Our retail offerings align with our beliefs as salon owners and empower us to be able to empower our guests to have the right products and tools at home to maintain their looks.

What are your top tips for salon retailing?

First of all you have to have the stock to sell. “Selling out” is not something to be proud of unless it’s a limited edition or gift sets etc. An out of stock could lead to a walk out. You need to know what your hero products are and always make sure you have ample stock of them. Keeping your retail area looking fresh, move stuff around. If you’re not creative like that – let your team have a go. Use promotions from your distributors to introduce new products to your guests. Everyone likes getting more for their money. Also make sure your staff are educated on the brand – get them excited about it, get them loving the products too and then it’s no longer a sales pitch. They will be passing that education on to their guests and it will show through their passion for the products.

What is your favourite ELEVEN Australia product?

Deep clean clarifying shampoo – I love how it is a daily clarifying shampoo and it doesn’t leave the hair feeling dry or stripped. The orange oil that helps the clarify smells absolutely gorgeous and the lavender oil that helps soothes the scalp gives you a spa like experience in the shower.

What hair trends do I see for second half 2023?

I think we will see shorter hairstyles coming back. As we’ve seen recently layers and shaping are back which I am here for. Who doesn’t love a bouncy blow dry. It’s so lovely to done with the long one length hairstyles and see more movement. With that being said later on I feel the shorter hair cuts will be very precise and sleek.

What piece of advice would you now give to yourself when you started?

I can’t answer that, the salon has evolved and grown as we’ve gone along. We started just the two of us and we’ve evolved and grown as we’ve gone along. I guess all I can say is I hope for it to continue being successful and for us to be open to growing and evolving as we go!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Not to compare ourselves to others as everyone has their own path. Concentrate on what we’re doing and do it to the best of our ability.

What other support or tools would help you grow even more?

More incentive support from the brand, we do well with eleven but I personal feel it could be more with more incentive support for our team.

How do you measure your success?

I see my measurement of success when I have a high payroll month. I am paying out lots of commissions to my team members which celebrates achievements from the previous month sales and performance. We have salon averages that team work to for rebooking, take home sales and conversion to colour and having easy access to these numbers helps drive and motivate the team to win.

If you were opening a salon now, what would you do differently?

That’s a tough one, I can’t say I would have done anything differently because we did at the time was right for that time. We started just the two of us and with different brands. Since we have evolved over time and made sure that hopefully we have moved with the times. So much has changed about us in the 5 years we’ve been here and I’m sure it will be different in another 5 years.

In Conversation with Charlotte Evans – Ginger Salon, Bromsgrove. Talking about cost of living, gaining new clients and the environment.

Rather than reducing your prices or offering discounts, how can you entice clients to spend on colour during the cost-of-living crisis?

Education  Education  Education!

Our guests need to know why they should be coming in for regular colour top-ups,  and it’s our job as their stylist to pass our professional knowledge on!

Recently we posted an educational Instagram post called ‘The cycle of a Balayage’ Where we covered the maintenance and the cost our guests can expect over the course of a year. This was our most successful educational post and we became inundated with guest queries and bookings for Balayage!

What is your opinion on offering discounts on colour services?

I understand why our industry do it, for years we have been undervalued by society.

I am sure many of us remember the sheer disrespect from school careers advisers “You aren’t very academic, have you considered Hair and Beauty?”…. Rude.

This leads us to undervalue ourselves and very often price our services with emotion “I feel bad charging that” “My clients cant afford that” or worse, we base our prices on competitors, without knowing their overheads.

My salon is the most expensive in the area, and yes I know some people cannot afford us, and Tha’ts ok. This makes room for our ‘Fans’ who are fiercely loyal.

Adding value to a guests service is extremely important, Knowing your Customer journey inside -out, having great quality coffee, an easy, transparent booking system and epic customer service all sets you apart from the competition.

So very often a guests decision to sit in your chair, isn’t based on price.

That being said, we understand the current climate has been difficult for most. Unless you are Jeff Bezos!

We have a few budget friendly options, such as a reduced rate for on the day walk-ins to fill white space. Model nights and a tiered pricing structure so that guests have a degree of control over their spend.

I personally feel If guests see their regular service constantly on offer they will begrudge paying full price.

Are there any alternative colour services that you have been offering as a result of the cost-of-living crisis?

Yes, we recently started offering express colour services to our Guests. This includes ‘Express Roots’ this covers the parting only, and a blast dry with an assistant. This is available to regular Guests and can only be booked by the stylist if suitable. This is great for emergency grey coverage for a job interview that has caught you off guard!  Another popular service is

‘Face frame’ This is great for those guests who want their blonde Poppin!

Do you break down the cost of your colour services for your clients? Why/ why not? What could be the benefits or negatives of this?

We don’t break down the colour services, as sometimes we feel this limits us in the long run. As creatives I believe we should have a certain amount of both control and freedom. Recently I separated the price of a toner and now very often guests ask not to have one.

I do feel that having extras is super important though. Adding a treatment to a guests service, or upselling from a Blow-Dry to a Cut and Finish can add thousands to your profit margin per year!

Do you have any advice on how to advertise and market your colour services?

Get Creative!

To stand out from the crowd you need to discover your USP (Unique selling point). Ask yourself why your guests come to you, and if you don’t know ask them! How do you make them feel? why are you different? Once you have this information, you have your avatar. Give her a name, a job, hobbies and interests.

This is where you should concentrate most of your efforts. If your avatar is a Mum, team up with a Mum group on Facebook. If your avatar is a student, get yourself the local university and collaborate on an Event!

Tag your colour house and demo your products.  Eleven is a colourists dream, they support everyone, not just stylists with a big following!

How would you approach a conversation regarding colour with clients who are worried about damaging their hair?

Like all colour services, it should start with a Thorough consultation.

Here we dive into the nitty gritty of the hair history, guests desires and above else managing expectations.

Using concise and simple terminology can you get the very best out of your guest.

Strand tests are a Must, this avoids any nasty surprises on the day!

We switched to Eleven Australia  last year and clients rave about the shine, condition and longevity of their colour.

Eleven bleach lifts clean whilst keeping the integrity of the hair in tact.

My summer tip for Guests is to massage MIRACLE HAIR TREATMENT  through the ends of their hair whilst on the beach for that ultimate summer protection!!

What about clients who are worried about the environment?

I feel that we all have our part to play in saving the environment. Small changes make a huge difference. Whether that be eating less meat, or buying your clothes from Vinted. (My own personal pledge this year) .

Eleven Australia has a huge part to play in our mission. All packaging is recyclable and made from Recycled materials. They even have plastic free shampoo and conditioner bars! Their ingredients are naturally derived, vegan an cruelty free….. What’s not to Love?

Check out the story in Hairdresser’s Journal!

We love nothing more than celebrating success and that’s why we have introduced the ELEVEN Australia Awards.

There are 5 categories that you can enter from Trend Image to  ELEVEN Australia salon of the year, these awards have something for everyone.

It’s open to all salons, freelancer, self employed or employed stylists in England and Wales that stock & use ELEVEN Australia. You can enter as many categories as you wish and for  both Hair Trend & Colourist of the year, you can upload multiple entries.

Closing date for all entries is Friday 22nd September 2023, awards are hosted at a champagne reception at Salon International on Sunday 15th October with a meet and greet with Andrew O’Toole.

All ELEVEN Australia Collective members will receive a free VIP ticket & goodie bag.

Meet the Judges

ELEVEN Australia Social Media Award

Is your salon social media savvy?

How are you using social media to share the ELEVEN Australia brand?

How to enter

Put together a written case study (PDF or Power Point document) of how you and your salon uses social media to promote the brand. This can include screen shots, statistics and any collaborations that you have taken part in.

Entries are to emailed to by Friday 22nd September

ELEVEN Australia Trend Image

Have you created an image that you feel represents the hair trend of 2023?

We want to see it!

How to enter

Upload as many images as you wish to Instagram using #elevenaustraliatrendimage.

Image must have been produced using ELEVEN Australia products and tagging #elevnaustraliatrendaward and @elevenaustraliapro_uk. Please include products used on the hair in the Instagram description.


ELEVEN Australia Colourist of the year

Do you live and breath colour?

We want to see how you have used ELEVEN Australia Colour creatively.

How to enter

Upload as many images as you wish to Instagram using #elevenaustraliacolouristoftheyear and tagging in @elevenaustraliapro_uk. Please include the colour formula in your description.

ELEVEN Australia Collective Member of the year

Are you the most engaged ELEVEN Australia Collective member?

Do you love to inspire your team?

Or are you flying solo and sharing your love of ELEVEN Australia to anyone that will listen?

How to enter

Put together a written case study (PDF or Power Point document) of how you have raised awareness of the ELEVEN Australia brand in your salon/space and what you do to motivate your team members or share the brand. This can include screen shots or images and a written testimonial of why you should be the ELEVEN Australia Collective member of the year.

Entries are to emailed to by Friday 22nd September.

ELEVEN Australia UK Salon Of The Year

We would like to get to know your space, what your ethos is and how it fits with ELEVEN Australia. Share with us how you train and motivate your team and share the ELEVEN Australia brand to your clients. We want to know why you are the best ELEVEN Australia Salon in England and Wales.

How to enter

Open to ELEVEN Australia Collective Salons.

Put together a case study that shows us how and why you are the ELEVEN Australia salon of the year. Share your with us your retail area and share any retailing activities you do. You can include statistics, press coverage and more, since April 2022.

Entries are to emailed to

At Wonderful Brands we are very lucky to work with a wide array of friendly, talented, and hard working individuals. Many of which are part of our Education Team. One individual whose hard work and deadication we are very grateful and want to showcase is Douglas Reid. Continue reading to find out how Dougie got to the amazing place he is today…

How long have you been in hairdressing and what first made you want to enter into the world of hair?

I’ve been in the hair industry now since the age of 13, I was very fortunate that my uncle was a salon owner and a hairdressing college tutor. I started working there at the weekends just to earn a little more money but it was only once I was there that I was amazed how somebody could come in with one colour and leave with another AND leave with a smile and confident boost, At that moment in time, it had me hooked and the career I wanted to go into. I was so lucky to have the support, industry knowledge and encouragement around me from my uncle and also my mum who is in the beauty industry. I’ve enjoyed every aspect of my career from assisting, employment, self employment, travelling the world and now to being a salon owner and educator.

How did your journey with ELEVEN Australia begin?

My journey started back in 2016 when I was living and working in Melbourne in Australia which when I was first introduced to the ELEVEN Australia styling range and attended many events alongside Creative Director Joey Scandizzo.

It wasn’t until our UK lockdown in 2020 came when I applied and became part of the Eleven Australia Collective Group. Being part of the Eleven Collective group was designed to become social media savvy, meet like minded people, receive swag bags every month full of Eleven products and build a great relationship with everyone behind the brand.

Fast forward from then, Eleven Australia Colour was launched and I just knew I had to have it and it certainly didn’t disappoint! Just like the styling range…

All while being animal cruelty free and vegan friendly!

Now I’m an in-salon educator for Eleven Colour which has always been a dream and goal of mine, to be able to share my passion and knowledge with other stylists and represent a brand I’m equally passionate about and also showcase my Eleven Colour work live on the HJ colour stage at Salon International 2022.

Colour is a massive part of your salon and also your education, what tips can you share to take away the fear factor of salons thinking about trying ELEVEN Australia COLOUR?

The biggest tip that I can share about ELEVEN COLOUR that would take away the fear would be the ELEVEN community! There are endless ways in which you can reach out and learn such as having myself or our other amazing educators come out and educate you on everything you need to know about the colour from ingredients, application, consultations and live models which can be found on the Wonderful Brands social and website.

You could even give the brand’s educators a follow on their Instagram socials where you can find techniques and formula’s. If you follow #elevenformula this is a great way to see how certain shades look.

Eleven also occasionally have free webinars over zoom that you can attend for free at the comfort of your own home, any upcoming webinars can be found on the ELEVEN COLOUR socials.

DIGI is something very unique to ELEVEN COLOUR – DIGI is our online digital friend who  is there to help you with anything to do with ELEVEN colour. DIGI isn’t a generic robot, DIGI is a fully qualified colourist who knows the brand inside out and can be used for any tips, queries, formula’s and answers to either messages or pictures.

Another big tip would be to send ELEVEN COLOUR a direct message, speak about your interests in the colour and of the account managers would be in touch with you. Its definitely a simple to use but high performing colour line.

What have you learnt from becoming and educator?

The biggest thing I’ve learnt about becoming an educator is that education doesn’t stop at college level. Hairdressing is one of the fastest evolving industries whether that be ingredients, techniques, the way we see and approach every day scenarios and consultations. Education is for all levels of hairdressing and for all levels of confidence, the way we see education now is about evolving and trying to be the best we can be for ourselves and clients. Education isn’t about not being good enough but about growth and the only way we grow is by is learning something we didn’t know. It’s such a great feeling coming away knowing something and having that confidence boost and it’s such a humbling feeling being an educator when a stylist has taken something away with them.

What is your advice to anyone that wants to get into education?

My biggest advice to anyone who wants to get into education is not to compare yourself or feel intimidated to others out there who are already educating. Educating comes in all forms, social media and educational posts are a great way to start, reach out to other educators who inspire you and hear their education journey. Offer your services for free, I’ve shadowed / helped some well known educators on their courses for free to gain experience, knowledge, networking and to learn.

If you want to educate for a brand; Tag them in your social media posts and use educational wording in your caption. Make yourself known by also commenting on their socials and getting involved with anything the brand has to offer … Let them know you’re there. Build a good rapport with them and know as much as the brand as possible such as product knowledge and be committed to show your commitment and support to the brand.

In three words describe yourself…

Driven, Ambitious, Creative

Emily in Paris is growing up and heading into season 4. We have seen that Lily Collins is moving away from the girlish waves and becoming braver with her haircuts, first there was the chic French Fringe and now we have spotted a new addition the “French Step”.

This versatile trend has been around since 2021 and has been going through a few transitions, we first saw it as “The Hime” or “Princess Cut” and in 2021 it became an iconic look racking up 60 million views on TikTok. The haircut was named after noblewomen back in the Herian period in Japanese history, 794 to 1185. The hair cut was given to young women as a celebration of coming of age in a ceremony called Binsogi . It is a combination of two haircuts, longer at the back and shorter sharp lines at the front. The haircut gathered pace after lockdown and throughout history you are able to see that after key moments in history new haircuts are born. This one in particular was a rebellion haircut with people taking back power of their identity, showing their strength and resilience through a haircut.

We are loving the “French Step” on Lily Collins, it has added so much interest to her hair and given so many options when styling. We particularly love how it takes a boring ponytail to a new level of chic. The haircut can be personalised to suit any face shape, it can help to accentuate cheekbones or worn longer to soften a square shaped face. This haircut is so much fun and love that it is bringing clients back into salons for interesting haircuts.

ELEVEN Australia have introduced 2 cutting classes in the Undertone Collection, the classes will allow you to confidently create versions of this upcoming trend. Co-Creative Director and Co-Founder of ELEVEN Australia Joey Scandizzo said “The beauty of subtlety and the power of restraint. Clean lines with purpose, small silhouettes and fresh understated tones bring to life the UNDERTONE Collection. This collection explores four modern haircuts with finished styling. Working with classic fade barbering techniques and a stepped out cool bob with a square fringe, understated disconnections, and texturising techniques. The looks are versatile, lived-in, and very wearable. While each look can be transformative, these cuts and styles can be adapted to suit the individual needs of any client”.

If you would like to learn more about hosting a class in your salon contact on

Follow our ELEVEN Australia Pro account for all things education, inspiration, colour & more!


At Wonderful Brands we know that keeping fresh, current and up-to date with your clients is as important as ever in present day. Whether that’s knowing how to properly communicate with your clients online, knowing the right ways of finding your new dream clients, or even simply using and finding current trends. Because of this, we spoke to Social Media Coach Vivienne Johns, and asked her to share her top tips for growing your Instagram page are. Continue reading to get the full story…

There may be many reasons why you need to start an Instagram from Ground Zero. Maybe you got hacked and had to start all over again or moved to a new salon and felt like a new page knew you were on the cards or maybe you have never had an Instagram page before (insert shocked gasp here).

My name is Vivienne Johns and I am a social media coach for the hair and beauty industry. I have been helping hair and beauty professionals to grow their page, to get seen and get booked since 2019.

Salon Gold came to me and asked me to contribute towards their blog. When asked what they would like me to talk about, they replied “how to grow your page from scratch”.

So here goes….

These are my top tips to grow your Instagram page from Zero to Hero…

Start by optimising your bio

When starting a new page, I know the urge to just rush forward and start posting is strong.

Most people completely overlook their BIO, their name and their USERNAME, but these are vital parts of optimising your Instagram page to make you more easily found by your dream clients.

Instagram uses keywords. Just like SEO on your website to help its users find content that is relevant and interesting to them.

Use words that your clients would use when they are searching for you.

For example, we as hairdressers, may say “lived in blonde” but your clients say “Balayage”. I mean they have only just learned how to say it, so let’s use the words that they use.

The name field underneath your profile picture is also searchable. If your name is already in your Instagram handle, you do not need to use it again in the NAME FIELD. Instead, describe what you do and where you are based.

For example, “Balayage Expert Cornwall”.

Understand who your dream client is

Before you post your first piece of content to your brand-new page, work out who your dream client is.

Understanding who your dream client is will help you to know what they want to see, learn, read, and hear on your Instagram page.

When you know exactly who your dream client is you will know their most asked questions, you will understand their pain-points and you will understand what it is they are looking for from their stylist.

Every time you post a piece of content, imagine that you were sitting with your dream client, you are showing them the picture or video that you are about to post.

Imagine what questions your dream client asks you about that picture or video. Answer these questions in the captions.

This will make your dream client feel seen and heard when they view your content in their news feed.

Use your page to educate your clients

The Instagram of 2022 is a very different place to how it used to be before the pandemic. Now people are looking for connections, they are looking for community.

Users of the platform are not satisfied with just looking at pretty pictures of hair anymore, your new audience wants to be educated, entertained, and included.

Think about how you can create content for your clients, think about what your clients are getting from it. Use your page to educate your clients about your products, your services and what makes you different from the salon down the road.

Ask questions that provoke conversation

Ask questions and include your followers in the conversation. Ask questions that provoke conversation.

This will help you to establish relationships with your followers and potential new clients.

Use Stories

Use Stories to show your life behind the scenes. Stories can help you humanise your page.

They only last for 24 hours, so don’t need to be as edited or curated as the rest of your content.

Use Reels

Reels will help you increase your audience more quickly.

Using trending audio will help you to gain more reach, but don’t forget to use local hashtags to index your content and tell the algorithm exactly who to show your Reels to.

Show up and talk on video

If the thought of talking to the camera fills you with dread, just know you are not alone.

No one likes the way the sound of their own voice. However, your clients don’t think the same.

Establish yourself as the expert

Talk about something you are super passionate about.

We all have that one thing that everybody else in the salon will come to us to ask about. For me, that was anything to do with curly hair.

Think about it, what is this thing that everybody asks you about? This is your area of expertise. Otherwise, known as your niche.

Niche down

Niching down into one area of expertise quickly establishes you as the expert in your field. It also makes posting to Instagram a lot easier.

Always talking about the same subject will create a strong and consistent message. Does it mean that you will never do any other type of hair? No, but you will see a lot more bookings for balayage come through for you.

With that said, you may be the best in the salon at clipper fades, but if you hate doing them, don’t make this your niche…. you will attract what you post.

Stay out of the news feed

Spending time scrolling through the news feed will not grow your page. Instead, head over to the hashtag page for your area.

You will find this in the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen on your EXPLORE page as for your town, then scroll along the tabs at the top to TAGS. This is where you will find all the content that has used the hashtag from your town.

Spend time engaging with the content and creators you find on this page. This is where you will find your new dream clients.

So, there you have my top 10 tips on what to do if you are starting a page from scratch. But even if your page has been established for quite some time, these tips will help you too. For more social media tips and tricks from Viv head over to her website here – The Hairdressers Social Club

We have teamed up with Hayley Jepson – The Resilient Hairdresser to find out how you can stop yourself from Burning out in the hairdressing industry.

Hayley said “For hairdressers I feel burnout is always lurking, waiting for you to stop paying attention, so I think learning what self care you need and getting good with boundaries is something worth working on alongside your hair skills.”

Burnout is sadly common in our industry.

Here are 5 signs you are heading to burnout and 5 things you can do about it.

  1. Feeling resentful is a big one. Feeling resentful of your clients or maybe your friends who seem to have an easier time of it than you.
  2. Feeling joyless, nothing is fun anymore. Feeling very serious about everything, this is a big sign of overwhelm.
  3. Exhausted, there’s never enough sleep.
  4. Isolating yourself. This can be because you are exhausted but also so people don’t ask you for anything as you have nothing left to give.
  5. Not looking after yourself how you once did. So for example not going to the gym any more or making as much effort with your appearance as you usually do.

What can you do?

  1. Accept you are overwhelmed and on the way to burnout.
  2. Understand you can’t do more to get out of this, you must do less.
  3. Ask for help where you can to reduce responsibilities for a while.
  4. Identify what you feel resentful about and see if there are boundaries you can put in to change this situation.
  5. Make time for fun as it will fill your cup and help give you perspective on your work life.

It is possible to get out of burnout by making changes and prioritising your mental and physical health.

Sometimes you need to say no to someone to say yes to yourself.

If you would like to learn more or book some time with Hayley head over to our Wonderful Brands Education Book or to Home – The Resilient Hairdresser

We know that your stockroom cupboard can be a daunting place, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. We spoke to some of our Wonderful Brand Educators about this subject and asked them to share their top tips and tricks for keeping their stockroom cupboard organised, tidy and filled with everything they could need to tackle whatever hair challenge walks through the salon door.

Firstly, we asked Vicki from the Wonderful Hair Shop, in Waterloovile, what colours are being asked for at the moment.

“As the seasons change our clients love to change their hair colour. We have found this Winter season that coppers have made a huge come back! From bright vibrant oranges to soft copper rose blondes.

My favourite combo for my bright orange is ELEVEN Australia Permanent COLOUR in 8.44 / 8.CC orange intense with 40  vol/12%. The 40 vol makes the orange pop. My favourite combo for the Orange rose is the ELEVEN Australia Liquid Demi COLOUR 19mls 1ml 6.66 using 2% on the roots going in to 4% I found that using the 4% on the ends really helps with the longevity of the demi liquid colour.

And this is why I need a full stock room of ELEVEN Australia!

I love all the natural ingredients with in the permanent and liquid colour with the added bonus of them also being in the Colour Activators and Cream Developers. The ELEVEN Colour is a luxury colour range starting with the Porosity Equaliser Spray and ending with the Colour Lock Spray. To insure that we never run out of stock for loose last minute colour changes we stock at least 3 colours going up to 8 for our favourites, this way there is no stock room drama and we are able to give our guests the perfect colour for their hair. You never know what is going to walk through the door so every plenty of stock is a must!”

Next, we spoke to Emma Simmons, from Salon 54. Read on to see what she had to say about her stockroom cupboard.

“Salon colour work is much more complicated as clients expectations and knowledge has increased over the years. It’s so important to keep fully stocked, we have a system in place to ensure we don’t ever run out of any shade. Being a busy colour salon, you never know what might crop up, especially when carrying out colour corrections, and not carrying plenty of every shade not only makes the task more difficult but also looks very unprofessional to the client.”

Emma’s top tip – On top of the normal stock levels we carry, we also have an emergency box kept with one of every colour to make sure we are covered for any eventuality.


Lastly, we asked self-confessed colour geek, Charlotte Evans from Ginger, to share her colour tips.

“We see much more seasonal changes happening with clients wanting to add a little something different to most visits. We pride ourselves on being on top of trends and make sure all of our team are educated throughout the year allowing us to be confident to tackle any colour combo that could walk through our door. It’s all in the prep work from having a colour brand that you trust and allows you to create modern colours that your client’s notice the shine and condition to making sure the team are confident in what they do.”

We then asked Charlotte what makes her life easy. Continue reading to find out more.

“Eleven make it so much easier for the modern stylist, anything colour coded means I can work smarter and not harder,

while inhaling a packet of crisps and 10 cuppas for my dinner!”

Charlottes top tip – Make sure you have a well stock colour area, no one wants to run out of colour halfway through!

The new year always brings a wide variety of resolutions, fads and promises to the forefront. HOWEVER, one challenge we can all get behind is VEGANUARY! We know that many take on the Veganuary challenge during the month of January and here at Wonderful Brands, we are here to help…

Introducing the new Yellow Professional Liss vegan recipe for longer lasting, smooth hair! The brand new LISS formula is made with 100% plant-based ingredients, that as before guarantee the same incredible performance you already love. Making it the perfect addition to your hair care routine in 2023.

The NEW Secret…

KERAVEG! An innovative plant ingredient that is an excellent alternative to animal keratin with the same performance. Rich in soy and wheat amino acids, with antioxidant action, it protects against hair damage and helps repair the fibre. The ingredient of KeraVeg comes from both a natural and sustainable origin.

Amaranth Oil 

Amaranth Oil is rich in moisturising elements, proteins, minerals and vitamin E. This natural oil not only deeply nourishes the hair but also envelops it in a thin, but robust barrier that hinders the penetration of humidity inside the stem, protecting it for a long time. The ingredient of Amaranth Oil, like the KeraVeg, also comes from both a natural and sustainable origin.

Liss Multi-Benefit

A leave-in serum with an incredible multi-action, 10 benefits in 1. It’s lightweight texture helps maintain and prolong smoothness, while protecting the hair from external thermal aggressions, such as heat from blow dryers and flat irons, and from humidity. Moreover, it has detangling action and guarantees a, anti-frizz and anti-static effect. Protects from UV rays, prevents split ends and helps seal the cuticles. Perfect to add a touch of brightness to the hair.

10-in-1 Serum
  1. Thermal protection
  2. Anti-frizz
  3. Anti-humidity
  4. Detangling action
  5. Protection from UV rays
  6. Discipline
  7. Prevent split ends
  8. Helps seal the cuticle
  9. Anti-static
  10. Provides shine

Liss Shampoo

Anti-frizz shampoo for perfectly smooth hair. The first gesture to have a perfectly smooth effect. It’s formula gently cleanses the hair and tames even the most rebellious hair. Makes the hair soft and silky.

Liss Conditioner

A valuable partner to tame frizzy and uncontrollable hair. It’s rich yet lightweight texture softens and polishes the surface of the hair without weighing it down. Suitable for daily use.

Liss Mask

A mask with a rich full bodied texture ideal for naturally straight o chemically straightened hair that looks dry or very dry. It’s formula helps maintain and prolong the smooth effect by polishing the hair and repairing the damaged areas of the cuticle. Hair looks tamed and silky, under control even in extreme humidity!

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