Your clients definitely do…

According to Pinterest “Crown Care” will be massive in 2023 with consumers prioritising a focus on the scalp and crown of their hair.

Searches for “SCALP MASSAGE TECHNIQUES”, “CLEAN SCALP” & “SCALP TREATMENT FOR DRY SCALP” are all up by over 55% or more!

The YELLOW PROFESSIONAL SCALP range is the perfect antidote for all your clients scalp needs, with a product for all scalp concerns and a pleasant, fresh and delicate fragrance. The compact range of 7 products guarantee a balanced scalp and vibrant hair, whilst also protecting against the effects of pollution!

The secret within this range is RAMBUTAN FRUIT! The seed extract of this Vietnamese superfruit, is found in the entire line, to revitalise hair from roots to ends. Thanks to its anti-pollution properties, it exerts a triple action against the oxidative stress caused by pollution, giving energy to the bulb, hydrating the scalp and providing vitality and freshness to the hair. You’ve just got to try it!

Even better news, the fruit is hand-picked using farming practices that respect the ecosystem. The proceeds are used to promote the local economy and to train workers.

So what’s in the range…

First up ENERGY, its all about preventing hair loss.


Cleanses and stimulates hair from the roots, giving body to the hair.


An energy concentrate that strengthens and re-densifies from the root, prolonging the life of the hair.

Next comes PURITY, fighting dandruff and flaky scalps

Combats dry or oily dandruff…


Deeply cleanses, normalising the scalp with an anti-recurrence action, as well as providing relief.

Oily roots? Then SCALP BALANCE is your best friend

Restores balance to an oily scalp…


Gently cleanses, reducing and regulating sebum production; for long lasting clean and lightweight hair.

Finally SCALP COMFORT comes to the rescue for those with itchy & sensitive scalps

A gentle cares for sensitive scalp..


Gently cleanses, effectively counteracting itching and reddening.


Extraordinary tonic with a soothing action that counteracts itching and redness.

Want to learn more, click here to check out our guide on scalp services for your salon.

What happens when you take 13 hair creatives, a 7ft surfboard, 4 models, 1 photographer, and 10 flights of stairs…magic! That’s what!

Monday the 27th June saw the ELEVEN Collective team coming together in London at the amazing Electric Space, for the first time to work on a collaborative photoshoot for ELEVEN Australia. Inspired by the fun, cool and fresh vibe of the brand they worked together creating 11 looks with everything from Farah Fawcett 70’s flicks to ‘just stepped off bondi beach’ tousled waves.

Lead by Wonderful Brands Director, Jo Robertson and assisted by ELEVEN Collective member, Victoria Woods from HEIR Salon, Lytham. The shoot took months of prep, planning and colourful spreadsheets to bring together the team from across the UK and produce ELEVEN Australia worthy hair. And we think it’s safe to say, they definitely smashed it!

Keep reading to check out the team’s step by step images on the next few pages! The look above was created by ELEVEN Australia Collective member Becky Weeks. This look was created by firstly prepping the hair with ELEVEN Australia’s I Want Body Volume Shampoo & Conditioner. She then added two pumps of ELEVEN Australia’s I Want Body Volume Foam to wet hair, to volumise, create texture and hence control that hair texture. Then blow dry hair smooth and sleek to enhance shine. Then using ELEVEN hair straighteners bend the hair around the iron in different angles to create S bend, brushing out waves and finish with Give Me Hold Flexible Hairspray . Then simply feel like the baddest bishhh rocking those voluptuous curves!

Another amazing step by step was created by hairstylist Hayley Penny. Through the power of ELEVEN Australia’s products, Hayley created a Chic, Pillowy and Touchable, Luxe Blowdry look. Read on to see a break down of how she did it.

Hayley’s Method

First cleanse and condition the hair with Gentle Clean Shampoo & Hydrate My Hair Conditioner. Leaving the scalp so fresh & clean with gorgeously soft ends (1). Now to layer in the products. First Miracle Hair Treatment, apply 2 pumps to towel dried hair. This leave in treatment is a must before any blowdry on any hair type (2). Next up is I Want Body Volume Foam. Add 2 pumps of the Foam throughout, the concentrate another on the top for extra oomphf (3)! Now using a soft bristle brush, ‘Wrap’ dry the hair. Wrap around and over the head in all directions to give that pillowy soft volume (4). Finish using a round brush. Shaping the top sections to flick back and the front sections around & towards the face (5). Spray Give Me Hold Hairspray onto a soft bristle brush. Brush through the entire blowdry back away from the face before hand dressing out (6). PRO STYLIST TOP TIP: To create that chic french look, once dry, take 1 pump of foam and scrunch into the ends. Et Voila (7)!

The next ELEVEN Australia Collective member to create a Step-by-Step look was Annabelle Arnold. Annabelle created a wet look with a brushed back texture. See below.

Annabelle’s Method

Generously apply I Want Body Foam to dry hair focusing on the roots and mid lengths (1). Use a Wide Tooth Comb for even distribution (2). Take horizontal sections starting from the and apply Slick Hold Styling Pomade. This will help create that super sleek, wet look (3)! Comb each section into position after application, and then secure with a clip (4). Use a diffuser to gently set the hair into place (5). Finish by applying Smooth & Shine Anti Frizz Serum for high, glass-like shine (6).

Next was ELEVEN Australia Collective member Martyna Grant with her Step-by-Step look. Continue reading to see what we came up with.

Martyna’s Method

Shampoo and condition your hair using Smooth Me Now Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner (1). Apply a hazelnut size of the Frizz Control Shaping Cream onto your hand and add 1-2 pumps of Smooth & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum. Mix together between the palms of your hands and spread evenly through mid-ends and ends (2). Blowdry smooth and straight making sure the airflow of the dryer points downwards using the ELEVEN Australia Round Brush and a hairdryer (3). Straighten each section of the hair using ELEVEN Australia Flat Iron (4). Finish with the Make Me Shine Spray Gloss (5).

Another amazing Step-by-Step look was created by Pam Cooney. Read on to see how she created her blow out.

Pam’s Method

Firstly we want to prep the hair by shampooing with I Want Body Volume Shampoo & Conditioner, jam packed with soy and wheat proteins penetrates the hair shaft, providing a thicker and fuller appearance (1). Load the hair up with Plenty of I Want Body Volume Foam you can really layer this up without leaving any residue on the hair perfect for hold (2). Begin to blow dry using The Eleven Australia Small Round Brush flicking the fringe off the face with volume then wrapping and twisting the rest of the hair while setting into place with Clips (3).

Pro Tip: If the hair still feels to soft when dry add more volume foam to dry hair and dry in layering up until it feels mouldable.

Release the clips and apply Give Me Clean Hair Dry Shampoo throughout before brushing through with the Eleven Small Styling Brush this will create a fluffy airy texture (4).

Pro Tip: Plenty of Dry Shampoo at the roots to hold the volume.

For added width I use the Eleven Curling Iron to exaggerate the hair next to the cheek bone to flow away from the face (5). Finally we can brush out with the Small Styling Brush then using my finger tips to mold the hair into shape while fixing into place using the Dry Wax Spray to hold it in place (6).

Pro Tip: When brushing out brush towards the sealing for a more airy fluffy texture

The next ELEVEN Australia Collective member to take on the Step-by-Step challenge was Emma Dixton with her Tousled Wave.

Emma’s Method

Its Cocktail Time – Order UP! “The Bedraggled”

You will need ELEVEN Australia: I Want Body Volume Shampoo & Conditioner, Miracle Spray Hair Treatment, I Want Body Volume Foam, Sea Salt texture Spray and Smooth & Shine Anti Frizz Serum.

Firstly, double cleanse hair with I Want Body Volume Shampoo, Condition Mid lengths & ends with I Want Body Volume Conditioner (1). then, apply Miracle Spray Hair Treatment to towel dried hair root to tip, Comb through to detangle & even distribution of the product. Comb hair into the planned parting/shape (2). Add 2 Pumps of I want Body Volume Foam into palm rub together & apply to roots. 2 -3 more pumps into palm rub together & apply to mid lengths & ends. Comb through for even distribution of the product. Next apply Sea Salt Texture Spray section by section. Use hairdryer & round brush to dry in product, create volume, thicken & smooth flyaway hair (3).

Pro Tip: If hair still feels soft repeat step 2 to suit hair type for extra hold & undone textured finish

Then, get 1 Pump of Smooth & Shine Anti Frizz Serum into the palm & rub together as if using hand cream, smooth down any static fly aways/add moisture & shine to any dry areas of the hair (4).

Pro Tip: saturating hands with the serum ensures a lighter even application avoiding too much shine or uneven greasy looking patches on the hair.

Section hair from the final parting into 4, crown to behind the ear, crown to nape. Start at the nape take a section diagonal back no wider than the plate of the Flat Iron. Keep hair section neat & at an angle. Pivot sections to horizontal closer to the crown. Using the ELEVEN Australia Flat Iron hold horizontal rock the Flat Iron in a U shape toward the scalp & U shape away from the scalp as the Flat Iron glides down the section. Repeat until all the hair is Kinky & Wavy (It’s all in the twist) (5)!

Pro Tip: keep hair root to ear natural & smooth for a real contrast of Neat to Bedraggled texture.

Finally, using a wide tooth comb root to tip gently break up the surface waves. Now for the fun part…. Tilt head back & SHAKE IT BABY! From the root, get your fingers in and loosen that wave, encourage that tousled texture. To finish smooth any fly ways near the root & add Smooth & Shine Anti Frizz Serum & or Sea Salt Texture Spray as required to finish (6).

Voila! Enjoy your look!

For his ELEVEN Australia Step-by-Step challenge Kris created a Beachy Curls look. Read on for more.

Kris’ Method

First cleanse with ELEVEN Australia I Want Body Shampoo and Conditioner, for a lightweight foundation (1). Apply I Want Body Volume Foam from root to tips, scrunching the product to ensure even distribution then blast dry hair (2). When hair is 100% dry, curl hair using ELEVEN Australia Curling Iron. Alternate each section to maintain curl definition. (curling all the same way can result in a vintage glam feel, not today, Satan! (3) Pump ELEVEN Australia I Want Body Volume Powder, focusing on roots and mid lengths to plump up the hair. Massage root are to pump up the volume (4)! Using the ELEVEN Australia Large Styling Brush, brush out the hair section by section. Brushing OUT from the head to create volume and texture (5). Finish with ELEVEN Australia Dry Finish Texture Spray on midlenghts and ends for hair that is full and thicc and ready for a day at the beach (6).

ELEVEN Australia Collective member Sammi was next to take on the Step-by-Step challenge. Continue reading to see what she did.

Sammi’s Method

First remove any dirt, or excess oil buildup by cleansing with the Gentle Clean Balancing Shampoo, followed by Hydrate My Hair Conditioner. paired together gives your hair the ultimate dose of lightweight hydration (1). Next, spray our favourite hair prepping Miracle Spray Hair Treatment throughout the hair to ensure you have the maximum protection against heat, followed by 2 to 4 pumps of I Want Body Volume Foam for added texture, and control without the crunch. then blow dry (2). Once the hair is completely dry, take small sections (approximately 2 cm) place your finger near the root and wrap the hair around your finger in a twisting motion (3). Gently roll the coiled hair off your finger and clamp with the Flat Iron for five seconds aren’t you glad we use heat protection now (4). Then, section by section place the soft bristle brush under the curl and brush out away from the head, spraying Dry Finish Texture Spray whilst brushing to create that fluffy texture (5). Once all that fluffiness and texture has been created pump a little I Want Body Volume Powder for that extra pooooof of volume and fluff (6).

The next member of the Collective to take part in the step-by-Step challenge was Chloe Ashby. Check out her Wet look Braids below.

Chloe’s Method

Start by shampooing & conditioning the hair using ELEVEN Australia Smooth Me Now Anti-Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner, these products leave the hair soft and reduces frizz (1). Let’s work it… Next, spray all of the hair with Detangle My Hair, this is a lightweight detangled spray that both hydrates and tames the hair, leaving the hair smooth and tangle free (2). Let’s get sleek… Now to add the Slick Hold Styling Pomade, work this into the hair to create a wet look, this creates a sheen, enhancing the hairs natural moisture, this also gives hold (3). Now down to business… Take a central parting from the centre of the nape of the neck, clip one section out of the way (4). Plaits away… Start by reverse plaiting (so the plait sits on top), plaiting in additional hair to add length and thickness, secure at the bottom with a clear elastic (5). Finish off by taming any fly aways with the Slick Hold Pomade, adding more of a sheen, and slightly distressing the plaits by pulling out (6).

Pro Tip: Remember product is key… Choose wisely and you will create dream hair!

Jess Radbone was next to take on the step-by-step challenge. Check out her gorgeous look below.

Jess’ Method

Get started by cleansing and conditioning the hair with the ‘Keep Me Blonde’ duo, a perfect choice to keep that blonde looking fresh! Alternatively, if you’re not working with blonde hair, the ‘I Want Body’ combo would work great (1).

Pro Tip: Only apply conditioner to the mid length & ends to ensure we don’t lose that all important volume at the root!

Let’s prep! Before blow-drying, I evenly spray the ‘I Want Body Texture Spray’ from root to tip. Don’t forget to shake the product before using to ensure you get a nice mixture of the product applied (2). Iron time! Using the Flat Iron from Eleven Australia, I set the temperature at 160° – a low temperature as to not compromise the integrity of the hair whilst working through the hair slowly (3). Time to kink! Taking horizontal sections (no thicker than an inch) I start at the nape of the neck working towards the top. Keeping the irons horizontal throughout is crucial to achieve a kinked effect. Going in with the irons starting from root to tip, I rotate the irons to the floor as I glide it down the hair, then rotate it towards the ceiling. I continue this motion towards the ends throughout the hair. It needs to be a slow, gliding motion (4)!

Pro Tip: Don’t squeeze your irons too tight! This will make it much more difficult. Instead, gently press together allowing a gentle glide.

Sea Salt Texture Spray is my next go to! This will add texture to the hair making it more malleable when I come to dress it out. Spray lightly and evenly at arm’s length distance (5). Let’s finish the look! To separate the kinks and create a more lived-in textured look, I rub a small amount of the ‘Dry Shampoo Volume Paste’ in my hands warming the product up. This makes it easier to apply! I rub it through the roots and separate the kinks to create more body and definition (6).

Pro Tip: Apply the paste little by little. This way, you don’t get product over load weighing it down.

Last but not least, ELEVEN Australia Collective member Amelia Burgess took on the step-by-step challenge and created some beautiful ‘natural curls’. Read on to check out the look!

Amelia’s Method

Firstly, make sure those curls are fully moisturised by cleansing with the nourishing Eleven Australia Hydrate My Hair Shampoo and Conditioner (1). Next, prep hair with Miracle Hair Treatment Spray & Detangle My Hair Leave-In Spray using a wide tooth comb or wet brush. This will not only protect the hair from heat but also make the curls more manageable (2)! Spray all over with Sea Salt Texture Spray for a voluminous grittier feel through the ends (3). Work a few pumps of I Want Body Volume Foam into the roots (4). Using the Eleven Carbon Fibre Wide Tooth Comb, brush up and away from the scalp for added volume (5). Diffuse, use curl clip pins to hold the bangs in place. For extra volume, spray a little Dry Finish Texture Spray onto the ends once dry and scrunch out to create more width (6)!

Pro Tip: Holding the dryer around 20cm away on a medium heat avoids creating frizz and keeps the curls more defined. Don’t touch the hair until 80% dry! Once the hair is almost dry then you can push the diffuser into the ends to create some fluffier texture!

Want to be part of the ELEVEN Australia UK COLLECTIVE then click here



Photographer – Ash Martin @ashmartinphoto

Stylist – Jess Williams @jessbcreative

Styling – Holly Coop @hollycooop

Like much of the UK right now, we are also being affected by the current energy crisis. We know that these unprecedented times are a worry for everyone, including our salons. So to try and combat this together we spoke to our Wonderful Brands Educator ZoĂŤ Rees and got her top energy saving tips to share with you all. Continue reading to see what she had to say.

Saving energy and helping the environment goes hand in hand. It doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming, in fact there are so many simple things we can do to make our salons more environmentally friendly. If we all made little changes, the results will be huge!

Here are my top energy saving tips:

  • Switching energy provider to one that solely supplies renewable energy. (The Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin scheme lets consumers know exactly how much electricity from a supplier comes from renewable sources)
  • Choose energy efficient equipment with a good energy star rating.
  • Switch to Ecoheads for your backwash to reduce water consumption up to 65%.
  • Do not let hot water taps run when not being used. Did you know that using hot water is the most energy intensive thing we do?
  • Turn off equipment at night. Have you heard about ‘phantom energy’? This is energy that is still being used by equipment that is plugged in but not in use. Phantom energy is a huge and completely avoidable waste.
  • Turn off lights when not needed.
  • Swap halogen and incandescent bulbs to low-energy LED bulbs.
  • Install motion detectors for lighting frequently unoccupied areas.
  • Look into solar panels to minimise your energy footprint. Ones with batteries mean you can store energy for later consumption or sell back excess energy to the national grid.
  • Wait until you have a full load of salon towels to wash. Lower costs even further by washing on a lower heat and use a high spin to help with drying.
  • Avoid using the tumble dryer which uses immense amounts of energy. Let towels air dry overnight on an airer.
  • Try using a mix of biodegradable, compostable towels as well as reusable towels to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint.
  • Use one towel per client to reduce energy usage and be more environmentally friendly.
Follow Zoë Rees from Bliss Hair Therapy on instagram here → @BlissSalonB48

Pastes, pomades and everything in between. The ELEVEN Australia tubs will see you right, no matter your hairstyle of choice.

We asked our Wonderful Brands Account Manager’s what their favourite ELEVEN Australia Styling Tubs are and why…

Beki Garrod  says “ELEVEN Australia Slick Hold Styling Pomade is great for the slick ponytail or the love island slick and long hair style. I also love the Matte Texture Styling Paste, it’s amazing for any hair length with layers, as it helps to create masses of texture!”

Beki also advises that the Medium Hold Styling Cream is the perfect product to use for some gentle hold when blow-drying. With Dry Shampoo Volume Paste acting as the best product for that next day styling, giving loads of volume at the root.

Wales’s finest, Jo Hughes, is also a big lover of the Dry Shampoo Volume Paste. She says “it’s 3 products in one tub – body powder, paste and dry shampoo! It’s her go to product to remove oils and give that next day feel to your hair.”

All the ELEVEN Australia styling tubs can be used across a wide variety of hair type. With her natural big curls Hayley Richards is a big champion for the ELEVEN Australia Medium Hold Styling Cream. This is her go to to cocktail with the ELEVEN Australia Keep My Curl Cream, “it adds more control, hold and helps to enhance my natural curls.”

John-Paul Shirley-Price says that with the ELEVEN Australia styling tubs you can use the same hair for different looks. John-Paul recommends hair stylists  to “train your clients, to use different tubs to create different looks. Clients can mix and match their hair with their outfit!”

We’d love you to meet all our WONDERFUL TEAM HERE 


Let us introduce you to the new kid on the block… FRAMAR. First, let us tell you a bit about the FRAMAR story…

FRAMAR dates back to 1978, where co-founders Frank and Maria first met in Frank’s small eight-chair salon where he did Maria’s hair . Not only did Maria get a fresh cut and funky 70’s style, but she also met her future partner in crime. That chance meeting has blossomed into a solid foundation that is at the forefront of Framar, and has propelled a little start-up from Niagara Falls, Canada, to the global business that it is today.

Meet Maria. She embodies the soul of Framar, providing the strong foundation that the brand is built on today. Starting Framar from an idea which her husband Frank brought back to Canada from the UK, she researched, analysed and learned everything there was to know about foil. For the first 20 years, she was a one woman show, running everything from production and sales, to order fulfillment. Some 35 years after taking a leap of faith and creating this company, Maria is still at the helm, serving as company President and remaining intricately involved in all things Framar.


Known for being innovators, trendsetters, dreamers and collaborators, Framar have developed a range of foils, brushes and salon must haves that you will love using.

See what all the fuss is about. No slip grip, no cutting, no problem. Embossed popup foils, they do the work so you are free to do the creating. “At my salon we use all Framar products and colour toold simply because we believe that they give us the best results and the easiest path to that end result. Any problem we run into, Framar seems to have the answer for us” – Jacob Khan (@jacobhkhan)

Check out all the Framar products you have to offer → here

We all know those patchy home dye colour clients that walk through the salon door, often looking for a colourist to work miracles. We asked ELEVEN Australia Educator Katie Groves how she would tackle this task with ELEVEN Australia Colour

When faced with a patchy home colour job, an important first step is to try and achieve an even canvas. Using ELEVEN Australia Porosity Equaliser Spray is a great start and will allow you to achieve a more even colour. Time is the key to a patchy home job and can then be built upon in future appointments. Rome was not built in a day!

Patchy brown box dye? Pick a base close to the darkest patch.

Brassy box blonde? Try some fine highlights to brighten and break up the unwanted warmth.

TOP TIP – Remember though tint doesn’t lift tint!

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We all have those clients that come into salon with a blocky ombre. And, we all know the fear that starts to sink in when you are challenged with the task of “fixing it”. Here’s what ELEVEN Australia Katie Grove’s had to say on her approach on taking on a blocky ombre with ELEVEN Australia Colour

When tackling a blocky ombrĂŠ/balayage, lowlights are your friend. Start by adding some highlights through the top to soften the transition from dark to light. ELEVEN Australia lightener contains bond complex to protect and add strength allowing you to be able to protect the hair whilst lightening.

Next, go back through with your lowlight. The ELEVEN Australia Demi has been my savour! Having the ability to lowlight with a demi in a foil has given me a whole new dimension of colouring. The luminosity and shine helps break up any harsh lines and help balance the overall look.

TOP TIP – leave the very ends out of the lowlight to maintain brightness at the tips!

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We asked our ELEVEN Australia Collective what their predictions were for the rest of the 2022.

Here’s what Annabelle Arnold from had to say

“From shows at fashion week to high street stores, loud patterns, vibrant colours and vintage inspired styles are everywhere! Designers are pushing messages like “dopamine dressing” and “you be you”.

I love the idea of using a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns to boost our spirits after a dreary couple of years. Usage of colour therapy also ties in really well with the encouragement of personal authenticity, and the gender neutrality that we’re seeing too!

I’m also excited about the recycling of popular vintage styles, since it has made thrifting and up cycling more popular. Which is a big move towards more sustainable fashion. We are seeing these trends translate into hairdressing with the re-emergence of popular 60s, 70s and 90s haircuts/ up dos. Modernised by the vivid or lived in colours that are popular today.”

We also spoke to hair stylist and ELEVEN Australia Collective member Hayley Penny from @hayleypennyhairstylist about her 2022 trend predictions. Read on to see what she had to say…

Hayley predicts that fashion trends such as; cut-outs, colour blocking, dopamine dressing, mini skirts, biker jackets, oversized volumous sleeves & silhouettes will be very prominent in 2022.

Hayley advised that these trends translate into the world of hair through styles such as disconnected fringes, moving away from 70’s bangs to a more prominent fringe shape.

Strong panels of colour blocking in fashion, means that softer, natural, simplistic tones through out the hair, with a face frame or under panel are likely to be a look that many clients come into the salon looking for this year.

Hayley also predicts that full shiny, bouncey, voluminous blowouts, and away from the face styles will be in for 2022. As well as, slick and wet looks, with high shine, and all over muted natural glossy tones. With gold ash blondes, over silvers, and cool coppers blended through matte browns, will be the colours of choice.

Salons will also be more focused on being environmentally and socially responsible, whilst also offering more all gender neutral styles & services.

You’ve all been asking us, and now we are here to answer all your professional hairdryer needs! So, let us introduce you to Velecta Paris…

Velecta Paris are the number one global brand of professional hair dryers made in France. Since 1936, VelectaÂŽ Paris has designed, manufactured and marketed ultra-efficient, eco-responsible hair dryers for the whole world that respect the working conditions of the most demanding professionals.

Here at Wonderful Brands we are giving you the opportunity to have the Revolution 2.2 i hairdryer in your salon. This dryer is a marvel of innovation, combining top technology, a maximum power of 2200 watts and a light signature that amplifies the focus and skills of professional users.

See the range now


Velecta have created their own in house research and development unit, to be able to bring hairdressers innovative and genuinely efficient products known for their longevity.

Velecta ÂŽ Paris professional hair dryers are 100% made in France, from the design and manufacture phase right through to product packaging. You are therefore guaranteed a hair dryer of irreproachable quality.


Velecta Paris Revolution 2.2 i


Ultra high power for quick precision styling. This superbly designed hairdryer boasts ideal ergonomics it is compact, lightweight, and perfectly balanced.

The Revolution 2.2 i is equipped with a ground breaking light function and a wide range of features in its ultra small form factor, such as adjustable blowing speeds and temperatures, a digital brushless motor, a cold air button, anti frizz ionic technology, an easy clip nozzle, and a cool touch nozzle.

The Revolution 2.2i instantly adds a spectacular touch to your styling, making it a state-of-the-art experience. It’s ‘Light +’ feature helps you to harness your expert eye thanks to a light ring that stimulates natural light. In addition, it’s multiple light effects allow you to showcase your amazing technique and spotlight your expertise.

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What is the ELEVEN Collective?

The ELEVEN Australia Collective is an exclusive team of digitally-active stylists, specially selected to create fun, fresh and informative hair content for the brand. The social savvy stylists enjoyed exclusive opportunities and education to help establish them as the next generation of hairdressing influencers, while sharing the love for ELEVEN Australia online.

Who dropped by to inspire them?

Andrew O’Toole, Joey Scandizzo, Melvin Royce-Lane, Zoe Rees, Viv Johns, Rachael Gibson and led by Jo Robertson.

What did they do?

• Discovered hair history and how to spot trends through history
• Learnt how to present live
• How to make engaging content
• How to create the perfect image
• How to write education
• How to be more Sustainable
• How to build your brand
& so much more!

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