ELEVEN Australia COLOUR is a Demi-Permanent Liquid Colour range containing 42 intermixable colours and 15 pastel tones with 4 level 10’s.

The range is not only completely vegan friendly, cruelty and gluten free, but also consists of naturally derived ingredients to ensure optimal condition, shine and natural looking results every time.
In line with the brands ethos, the colour range has been designed to be simple to use with an 11 step process that guarantees beautiful result’s and all supported by DiGi our 24/7 Colour Assistant who can advise on everything from formulas to mixing ratios.

DIGI 24/7 – your virtual 

The following guide is your ‘go-to’ for everything you need ​to know about ELEVEN Australia COLOUR – introducing our DEMI-PERMANENT LIQUID COLOUR, LIGHTENING POWDERS​ and all the things you need to create seamless naturals, bright fashion statements, cool tones and soft pastel hues. It’s my job to get the right information into the hands of every colourist around the world. Inspired by Siri, Alexa and Google, I am your information resource bringing you the latest updates on new shades, new technologies, colourist tips ​and new formulas to try. If you have a question or need more information about anything to do with ELEVEN Australia COLOUR, you can reach ​me at  here.

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Enjoy discovering more!



The natural shades have a neutral tonal direction to optimise intense shine and to assist with white hair blending.


Soft golden natural tones that highlight shine and reflect light for the most delicate warm hues.


True cool tonal directions capable of a multitude of uses. Fashion colouring, neutralisation, white hair blending, male colouring services and pastel toning. It is one of the most versatile colour collections as it can be added to any of the other shades to add an element of coolness.


When used on natural or pre-lightened hair expect vibrancy, especially from a natural depth of a 6 or higher with these intense fashion colours. From Violet to Red to Copper these can be used alone or intermixed with other shades tom enhance and customise your colour options.


Our uniquely developed blonde pastel shades are designed to enable you to create unique blondes with soft pastel tonal direction. Add tone, gloss, colour and shine in a very controlled application without the fear of over toning or dropping the colour to a darker depth. Specifically designed blonde shades offer a variation in tone which is perfect for multi toning or zone toning. Blondes have never been easier or more dimensional.


A pigment free formula that has multiple uses. Mixed with 2% (7vol) LIQUID ACTIVATOR for a pure gloss service, creating natural hair luminosity. Add to any of the 42 shades to reduce the colour intensity of the tone and depth of the shade. Mix it with the Pastel Collection to create a light colour wash effect for the lightest hue of pastel tone with ultimate shine and condition.



An optional, though recommended, step within the colouring service. Applied directly to the skin surface to help maintain a physical barrier between the skin & hair, helping to prevent colour staining and any skin sensitivity. The ELEVEN Australia COLOUR BARRIER CREAM will not prevent the colour from adhering to the hair.

DiGi TIP: BARRIER CREAM can be applied before and after LIGHTENING POWDER and toning services to assist with any client skin sensitivity.




Use before each colour service to even out and treat porous & damaged areas of the hair. The unique formula is enriched with and Amino Acid blend an d95.6% naturally derived ingredients to moisturise, strengthen hair structure, repair hair surface damage and give colour-protection.

DiGi TIP: POROSITY EQUALISER SPRAY can be applied to clean dry hair, damp hair or in-between each colour application.




Specifically designed to close the cuticle COLOUR LOCK SPRAY completes every ELEVEN Australia COLOUR service. With 92% naturally derived ingredients this spray ensures maximum colour longevity, hydration and exceptional shine.

DiGi TIP: COLOUR LOCK SPRAY can be used after all salon toning or gloss services.

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