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Your clients definitely do…

According to Pinterest “Crown Care” will be massive in 2023 with consumers prioritising a focus on the scalp and crown of their hair.

Searches for “SCALP MASSAGE TECHNIQUES”, “CLEAN SCALP” & “SCALP TREATMENT FOR DRY SCALP” are all up by over 55% or more!

The YELLOW PROFESSIONAL SCALP range is the perfect antidote for all your clients scalp needs, with a product for all scalp concerns and a pleasant, fresh and delicate fragrance. The compact range of 7 products guarantee a balanced scalp and vibrant hair, whilst also protecting against the effects of pollution!

The secret within this range is RAMBUTAN FRUIT! The seed extract of this Vietnamese superfruit, is found in the entire line, to revitalise hair from roots to ends. Thanks to its anti-pollution properties, it exerts a triple action against the oxidative stress caused by pollution, giving energy to the bulb, hydrating the scalp and providing vitality and freshness to the hair. You’ve just got to try it!

Even better news, the fruit is hand-picked using farming practices that respect the ecosystem. The proceeds are used to promote the local economy and to train workers.

So what’s in the range…

First up ENERGY, its all about preventing hair loss.


Cleanses and stimulates hair from the roots, giving body to the hair.


An energy concentrate that strengthens and re-densifies from the root, prolonging the life of the hair.

Next comes PURITY, fighting dandruff and flaky scalps

Combats dry or oily dandruff…


Deeply cleanses, normalising the scalp with an anti-recurrence action, as well as providing relief.

Oily roots? Then SCALP BALANCE is your best friend

Restores balance to an oily scalp…


Gently cleanses, reducing and regulating sebum production; for long lasting clean and lightweight hair.

Finally SCALP COMFORT comes to the rescue for those with itchy & sensitive scalps

A gentle cares for sensitive scalp..


Gently cleanses, effectively counteracting itching and reddening.


Extraordinary tonic with a soothing action that counteracts itching and redness.

Want to learn more, click here to check out our guide on scalp services for your salon.

The new year always brings a wide variety of resolutions, fads and promises to the forefront. HOWEVER, one challenge we can all get behind is VEGANUARY! We know that many take on the Veganuary challenge during the month of January and here at Wonderful Brands, we are here to help…

Introducing the new Yellow Professional Liss vegan recipe for longer lasting, smooth hair! The brand new LISS formula is made with 100% plant-based ingredients, that as before guarantee the same incredible performance you already love. Making it the perfect addition to your hair care routine in 2023.

The NEW Secret…

KERAVEG! An innovative plant ingredient that is an excellent alternative to animal keratin with the same performance. Rich in soy and wheat amino acids, with antioxidant action, it protects against hair damage and helps repair the fibre. The ingredient of KeraVeg comes from both a natural and sustainable origin.

Amaranth Oil 

Amaranth Oil is rich in moisturising elements, proteins, minerals and vitamin E. This natural oil not only deeply nourishes the hair but also envelops it in a thin, but robust barrier that hinders the penetration of humidity inside the stem, protecting it for a long time. The ingredient of Amaranth Oil, like the KeraVeg, also comes from both a natural and sustainable origin.

Liss Multi-Benefit

A leave-in serum with an incredible multi-action, 10 benefits in 1. It’s lightweight texture helps maintain and prolong smoothness, while protecting the hair from external thermal aggressions, such as heat from blow dryers and flat irons, and from humidity. Moreover, it has detangling action and guarantees a, anti-frizz and anti-static effect. Protects from UV rays, prevents split ends and helps seal the cuticles. Perfect to add a touch of brightness to the hair.

10-in-1 Serum
  1. Thermal protection
  2. Anti-frizz
  3. Anti-humidity
  4. Detangling action
  5. Protection from UV rays
  6. Discipline
  7. Prevent split ends
  8. Helps seal the cuticle
  9. Anti-static
  10. Provides shine

Liss Shampoo

Anti-frizz shampoo for perfectly smooth hair. The first gesture to have a perfectly smooth effect. It’s formula gently cleanses the hair and tames even the most rebellious hair. Makes the hair soft and silky.

Liss Conditioner

A valuable partner to tame frizzy and uncontrollable hair. It’s rich yet lightweight texture softens and polishes the surface of the hair without weighing it down. Suitable for daily use.

Liss Mask

A mask with a rich full bodied texture ideal for naturally straight o chemically straightened hair that looks dry or very dry. It’s formula helps maintain and prolong the smooth effect by polishing the hair and repairing the damaged areas of the cuticle. Hair looks tamed and silky, under control even in extreme humidity!

The SMART-X™ High Efficiency Dryer dries hair 75% faster*, using more air pressure and less heat for an overall healthier dry.

Its breakthrough SMART-X™ Technology automatically balances air and temperature 100x per second to ensure consistency for maximum efficiency. Plus, advanced smart features including 3 speed and 3 heat settings with auto-memorization allow you to personalize your styling experience. A self-cleaning function makes styling quick and easy, while prolonging the life of your dryer.

BIO IONIC Moisturizing Heat™ Technology hydrates hair from the inside out by emitting natural negative ions that allow water molecules to penetrate deep into strands. Hair is left softer, shinier and smoother.​

*Compared to leading competitor​

​See the product now


BIO IONIC SMART-X High Efficiently Dryer…

Dries hair 75% faster*

  • 4 heat and 3 speed settings, 12 custom settings, with auto-memory for personalised styling
  • Self-cleaning function, with auto-alert, to deter passage of dirt particles to motor and hair
  • Weighs 0.34kg — lightweight and compact without any compromise to professional-quality performance.
  • Exit air pressure more than 20% higher allows you to dry hair quickly and with less heat needed
  • Compact barrel design allows for precision styling
  • Cool shot button
  • Proprietary mineral complex infused delivers moisturising heat to protect against damage
    & breakage
  • Brushless EC Digital Micro Motor is more durable, with 10,000-hour motor life
  • Breakthrough Smart-X technology auto measures heat and air flow 100x per second to prevent damaging heat spikes and make more energy efficient

*Compared to leading competitor

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We asked our friend Maddi Cook from Boss Your Salon to talk about why understanding your salon numbers is so important.
If you want to learn more after you have read this check out the course Maddi is running for us here.
Here’s what she had to say….

Turnover, Profit & Cashflow…

These are key to understand , like the saying goes,

“Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity, cash flow is king”.

A lot of salon owners (and business owners in general), will talk in terms of turnover. Turnover is what I would call a ‘vanity metric’, meaning it’s something that sounds good but doesn’t really say a lot about a business! Cashflow is all about what’s left in the business after your outgoings, making it the most important metric of all.

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples…


The difference in turnover is a whopping ÂŁ167,000 – yet the difference in the net profit is only ÂŁ2,722.20.

So many things can play a factor in all of these figures, the key is to increase your bottom line (profit), by either increasing turnover, reducing your outgoings or a combination of the two.

VAT will also play a big part when it comes to your figures, and the general consensus it so absolutely SMASH through the threshold rather than just hovering above it. You can always try your hardest to stay below the VAT threshold (and that’s absolutely fine if that’s what you want for your business!) but when it comes to growth, the fact is that it is pretty easy to hit VAT (especially one you employ team members) so you need to make sure you are far and above the threshold so you don’t feel the hit when the VAT man comes a-knockin’.

There are loads of outgoings to take into account when running a salon, to name a few:

  • Rent
  • Rates
  • Utilities
  • Wages/NI/Tax
  • Pensions
  • Phone
  • Internet
  • Booking system
  • Stock
  • Sundries
  • Laundry
  • Insurance
  • Music licences
  • Insurance
  • Water
  • Advertising
  • Website
  • Retail
  • Salon repairs/maintenance
  • VAT
  • Personal tax
All of this is BEFORE you take a wage!

So make sure that when you look at your break-even costs, they are exactly just that. Your doors will remain open but you won’t be taking a penny from the business so it’s imperative to include this when looking at your numbers.

Then see if you can work on some of the above outgoings to bring them down… and I’m not talking about the tax! But are you shopping around for the best deals on rent, utilities, phone, internet, stock, insurances etc? The pennies will soon make pounds and they will be in your pocket! Or reinvested into the business in the form of training, refurbishments and expansions.

It’s good to look at these at least annually (or more often if you can!) to really grow your profits.

If you want to get your prices perfect (and profitable!) check out my pricing calculator.

And don’t get disheartened when you hear of another salon turning over mega bucks – it really doesn’t say anything about the success of the business!

Maddi x

Have you tried Yellow Professional’s Detox Cream yet?

Designed to capture heavy metals that can affect hair growth, as well as removing 100% of chlorine residue that a normal shampoo cannot eliminate.This detoxifying cream has a fragrance-free formula that will give your clients’ hair super healthy results and improved combability. Removes heavy metals & chlorine whilst hydrating the hair as well as giving a new colour lock salon service.

How to use: Detox Treatment (once a week):

With dry hair, apply on scalp and hair lengths and massage. Leave on for 5-10 minutes, then rinse and apply the most suitable YELLOW PROFESSIONAL shampoo.

Detox Cream can be used before​ each Yellow care treatment, to recharge the well-being of skin and hair. Simply apply before shampoo, leave on for 10 minutes minutes and rinse. Customisation in care services to meet more than one requirement at the same time.

How to use: PH-Balancing Treatment (after colour service):

After shampooing hair, mix 25g detox cream with 1g Tone-on-Tone Creator and apply to lengths. Leave on for 5-10 minutes then rinse.

42% of the UK population are conscious about a scalp issue, while retailers** have reported a 196% growth in ‘scalp care’ category.

54% of women say that scalp is a top beauty priority῀ & hair loss remedy searches are up by 90%῀῀ post COVID

That’s why Yellow Professional’s Scalp range is the perfect addition to anyone’s hair care routine. Yellow Scalp is the perfect beauty buddy, at your fingertips. Head to our Yellow Professional Scalp blog to discover more on Yellow Scalp here.


Pastes, pomades and everything in between. The ELEVEN Australia tubs will see you right, no matter your hairstyle of choice.

We asked our Wonderful Brands Account Manager’s what their favourite ELEVEN Australia Styling Tubs are and why…

Beki Garrod  says “ELEVEN Australia Slick Hold Styling Pomade is great for the slick ponytail or the love island slick and long hair style. I also love the Matte Texture Styling Paste, it’s amazing for any hair length with layers, as it helps to create masses of texture!”

Beki also advises that the Medium Hold Styling Cream is the perfect product to use for some gentle hold when blow-drying. With Dry Shampoo Volume Paste acting as the best product for that next day styling, giving loads of volume at the root.

Wales’s finest, Jo Hughes, is also a big lover of the Dry Shampoo Volume Paste. She says “it’s 3 products in one tub – body powder, paste and dry shampoo! It’s her go to product to remove oils and give that next day feel to your hair.”

All the ELEVEN Australia styling tubs can be used across a wide variety of hair type. With her natural big curls Hayley Richards is a big champion for the ELEVEN Australia Medium Hold Styling Cream. This is her go to to cocktail with the ELEVEN Australia Keep My Curl Cream, “it adds more control, hold and helps to enhance my natural curls.”

John-Paul Shirley-Price says that with the ELEVEN Australia styling tubs you can use the same hair for different looks. John-Paul recommends hair stylists  to “train your clients, to use different tubs to create different looks. Clients can mix and match their hair with their outfit!”

We’d love you to meet all our WONDERFUL TEAM HERE 


Let us introduce you to the new kid on the block… FRAMAR. First, let us tell you a bit about the FRAMAR story…

FRAMAR dates back to 1978, where co-founders Frank and Maria first met in Frank’s small eight-chair salon where he did Maria’s hair . Not only did Maria get a fresh cut and funky 70’s style, but she also met her future partner in crime. That chance meeting has blossomed into a solid foundation that is at the forefront of Framar, and has propelled a little start-up from Niagara Falls, Canada, to the global business that it is today.

Meet Maria. She embodies the soul of Framar, providing the strong foundation that the brand is built on today. Starting Framar from an idea which her husband Frank brought back to Canada from the UK, she researched, analysed and learned everything there was to know about foil. For the first 20 years, she was a one woman show, running everything from production and sales, to order fulfillment. Some 35 years after taking a leap of faith and creating this company, Maria is still at the helm, serving as company President and remaining intricately involved in all things Framar.


Known for being innovators, trendsetters, dreamers and collaborators, Framar have developed a range of foils, brushes and salon must haves that you will love using.

See what all the fuss is about. No slip grip, no cutting, no problem. Embossed popup foils, they do the work so you are free to do the creating. “At my salon we use all Framar products and colour toold simply because we believe that they give us the best results and the easiest path to that end result. Any problem we run into, Framar seems to have the answer for us” – Jacob Khan (@jacobhkhan)

Check out all the Framar products you have to offer → here

ELEVEN Australia collaborates with artist & illustrator Viscera Wagner for holiday 2022.

This Holiday season ELEVEN Australia partnered with Viscaya Wagner – an artist & designer based in Brooklyn, New York. Viscaya has worked with brands such as adidas, Facebook, The North Face, WIRED Japan, WeWORK, & Puma. 

Inspired by human connection with the natural world and championing a deep connection with the outdoors, Viscaya’s illustrations primarily feature strong, empowered people represented through diverse healthy minds and bodies. 

Through this collaboration with ELEVEN Australia, Viscaya wanted to illustrate true freedom of expression through our hair, bodies, environment and beyond. 

Each piece reflects unity with our surroundings, ease of self, and prompts us to consider our own inhabitation of the world. She hopes her work brings joy, comfort, inspiration and motivation to participate in this world in a meaningful way. 

“I’m excited for my 2022 Holiday Collabration with ELEVEN Australia. Their use of colour and story works beautfully with my designs. The perfect fit ” – Viscaya Wagner 

Packaged in 100% recycled and recyclable packaging, ELEVEN Australia’s limited Edition Holiday trios are available in HYDRATE, REPAIR, SMOOTH, VOLUME & BLONDE

Also back by popular demand, our HOLIDAY BON BONS are the perfect Christmas treat available in BLONDE, REPAIR & HYDRATE. Explore all of our 2022 Holiday Collection below.


Explore our amazing merchandising tips and tricks for this holiday season here.

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