Tone-on-Tone Creator transforms permanent colour into demi-permanent hues, effortlessly refreshing tones while preserving hair health.




Tone-on-Tone Creator is a smart additive that, when added to yellow permanent colour, acts by targeting the alkalinity of the colour cream reducing its PH-level and transforming it into a true tone-on tone colour. It also remineralises the hair leaving it strong and healthy.

How do you convert YELLOW Professional permanent colour into a demi-permanent colour?

Adding Tone-On-Tone Creator lowers the pH of the colour and by using 5 vol will only allow the colour to enter into the cuticle and not deep into the cortex.

How do you use it?

  • Select your chosen shade, add Tone-On-Tone Creator into the bowl and mix together before adding 5 VOL, this will reduce the alkalinity of the colour. Once mixed add 5 VOL 1:2

How much Tone-On-Tone Creator do I need to add?

  • To refresh a colour 10:1 i.e. 10m of colour to 1 ml of Tone-On-Tone Creator. If the hair is porous or you would like a kiss of colour you can add 10:5 mixing ratio.

Here’s why you’ll love it

With YELLOW PROFESSIONAL Tone-on-tone Creator you can turn all the beautiful permanent cream colours in the range into true demi-permanent colours, this means…

-Reduced Inventory and a massive cost saving.

-Broader Range, with just one product you now have a complete range of tone-on-tone colours.

-Matching Shades, for colour refreshes you will always be able to match your permanent formula.


Follow the following mixing ration Colour – Peroxide 5 vol. at 1:2 and follow the following mixing ration Colour – Tone-on-tone Creator at 10:1 (when colouring natural hair add Yellow Tone-on-Tone Creator in an equal quantity to half the quantity of the colour to avoid altering the natural base).




Well we believe you & your clients really should, read on and we’ll let you know some of the reasons why?

We also think this question is a great way to grow your salon retail and encourage conversations about aftercare with your clients.

Asking clients if they double shampoo can help you as a hairdressers to grow your retail sales for a few reasons:

  • It’s an Education Opportunity: opening up a conversation about hair care routines and the benefits of double shampooing, such as more thorough cleansing and product effectiveness. This dialogue educates the client on the importance of using the right products for their hair type and needs .
  • Product Recommendation: After discussing hair care routines, you the hairdresser can recommend specific shampoos (and conditioner, treatment, styling & finishing products) tailored to the client’s hair concerns. This personalisation makes the recommendation more compelling for the client.
  • Building Trust and Expertise: By offering valuable advice, you can establish yourself as an expert in hair care, which can lead to increased trust from your client. That level of trust can translate into clients being more open to purchasing recommended products, rebooking, adding new services like treatments and changing up their style. They also become raving fans and more likely to recommend friends to use you.
  • Highlighting the Benefits of Professional Products: The discussion can also highlight the benefits of professional hair care products over supermarket brands, potentially encouraging clients to purchase higher-quality items from the salon .

Double shampooing is more than just a trend; it’s a method that promises to transform your hair care routine. OK, so here are 5 reasons we believe DOUBLE SHAMPOOING is so important…

  • Deep Cleansing: The first round of shampooing targets surface dirt, oil, and product build-up, effectively removing these initial layers of grime. This allows the second shampooing to penetrate deeper, ensuring a thorough cleanse right down to the scalp. We always recommend ELEVEN Australia’s DEEP CLEAN CLARIFYING SHAMPOO or GENTLE CLEAN BALANCING SHAMPOO as the first cleanse.
  • Enhanced Scalp Health: A clean scalp is the foundation of healthy hair growth. Double shampooing can help prevent the accumulation of sebum and residue, promoting a healthier scalp environment for the hair.
  • Improved Product Efficacy: The second shampooing isn’t just about cleansing; it’s also about preparing the hair to better absorb conditioners and treatments that follow. With the hair cuticles open post-cleanse, products can penetrate more effectively, enhancing their benefits. The second shampoo is also your chance to deal with hair concerns whether that’s HYDRATION, VOLUME, SMOOTHING. REPAIR or TONING.
  • Volume and Texture: For those looking to add volume to their hair, double shampooing can make a noticeable difference. By thoroughly cleansing the hair, it can appear fuller and thicker, as there’s no residue weighing it down.
  • Misconceptions Debunked: Concerns about hair loss from double shampooing are unfounded. When done correctly, this method does not cause hair loss but instead leaves your locks more vibrant and healthy-looking.

Incorporating double shampooing into your hair care routine can unveil the full potential of your hair and scalp health. Remember, the key is to choose the right type of shampoo that suits your hair type and condition to avoid dryness or damage.

To find out more about how Wonderful Brands can help you grow your salon retail with simple strategies and easy to understand product ranges like ELEVEN Australia speak to your Wonderful Account Manager now.

The Visionaries Behind ELEVEN Australia: A Creative Force Reshaping Haircare Education

Meet the extraordinary minds steering the ship at ELEVEN Australia – the Co-Creative Directors, the fashion industry maven, the Most Wanted Expert Educator, and the seasoned Brand Artist. Together, they are reshaping the landscape of hair and body care with a commitment to simplicity and effectiveness.

At the helm are the renowned Co-Creative Directors, Joey Scandizzo and Andrew O’Toole, whose illustrious careers as a celebrity hairstylist and award-winning photographer, respectively, have left an indelible mark on the industry. Recognizing a need for a new, innovative approach, they embarked on the journey to create a range that’s not just self-explanatory but also injects a dose of freshness and fun into your daily routine – thus, ELEVEN Australia was born.

Melvin Royce Lane, with his roots deeply embedded in the fashion industry, brings a modern and fresh perspective to education. Having directed hair for major fashion events, including Australia’s Next Top Model and prestigious fashion weeks, Melvin’s cultural inspirations shine through in his work, delivering the latest hair trends for the brand.

New to the ELEVEN Australia family is Conor Doyle, the Most Wanted Expert Educator, whose unique approach to education and content creation is set to captivate audiences at upcoming events and shows. Follow his captivating journey on Instagram, where his distinct style comes to life.

Adding a vibrant splash of color to the mix is Paul Dennison, the newly appointed ELEVEN Australia Brand Artist. With an impressive background in color expertise and a wealth of experience on stage and behind the scenes, Paul is set to elevate the brand’s education to new heights.

Last but certainly not least, Katie Groves, with over 14 years of salon and education experience, is a guiding force for stylists looking to grow in confidence. As an educator for ELEVEN Australia in the UK, she seamlessly blends real salon experience with brand knowledge to provide expert guidance and advice for stylists and salons at every level.

Together, these visionaries are not just reshaping haircare education; they are redefining the way we approach beauty and self-care. Join the ELEVEN Australia journey as they continue to simplify and elevate your hair and body care routine, one innovative product at a time.

ELEVEN Australia Collective Awards

This year saw the launch of the ELEVEN Australia UK COLLECTIVE AWARDS with awards up for grabs in over 5 categories. Many of our amazing ELEVEN Australia salons entered, and finalists were chosen and invited to the awards ceremony at Salon International. We asked our winners a few questions to discover what it takes to put an award-winning entry together.


JUDGED BY Wonderful Brands Joint Managing Director Andy Camping , our finalists were;

  • Atelier Hair Couture
  • Salon Ginger
  • Elysian
  • Michael John Hair Artworks
  • Josh Lee Hair
  • Roberts and Gray
  • Heir Salon

We learnt putting together the entry for The Eleven Salon Of The Year Award was an enlightening experience. It allowed us to reflect deeply on our journey and business practices. Here are some key lessons we learned:

The act of writing the entry was a positive exercise for the entire team, it allowed us to reflect on the positive aspects of the business and understand the potential for further success, this in itself added a boost in team morale and provided motivation and focus. We were given the opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of our team and recognise their efforts and achievements.

The process prompted us to take a step back and critically assess HEIR Salon strengths and weaknesses. In doing so we are able to identify what makes the salon unique, but also where we can make improvements. Identifying weaknesses, as well as strengths is the first step towards addressing them and improving business operations, systems and services.
The end to end experience has given us the opportunity to recognise and reward our team as well as continually improve our services and build a reputation for being a top quality high street salon.

My biggest tip for anyone thinking of entering awards is to show the impact of your incredible business. Even the smallest of salon businesses can make the biggest of impacts. Numbers, analytics and reports can paint a picture, but it’s the impact of your business which tells a story. The real ways in which your business has helped people and made a lasting impression. For us it’s about the impact we make in the lives of our customers and our team. Case studies and testimonials can speak louder than a graph showing business growth. Your business has made a difference, in some way, this is what makes you unique and worthy of an award win! So find a creative way to share this!

When we found out that HEIR Salon had won The Eleven Collective Salon Of The Year Award, We were overwhelmed with gratitude. It was a moment of validation for all the hard work and dedication our team put into HEIR salon. Winning this award has not only boosted their confidence but also motivated us to aim even higher in our business endeavours.

Colourist Of The Year

JUDGED BY Head of Education Melvin Royce Lane & Education Director Lindsay Perez-Solomon, our finalists were;

  • Douglas Reid – R&R
  • Pamela Cooney – Clay Hair Studio
  • Stacy James – Stacey James Presents Style
  • Jamie Boot – Salon B

What I learnt about myself entering the award was that It helped me learn that even tho I own a business now there is always room to make time to be creative! It helps keep ideas fresh and creates excitement in the salon you can’t beat!
My biggest tip is be true to yourself and put forward your own sense of style and what you see as forward-thinking.
Winning the award just makes you feel amazing! By being recognised just makes you feel that you are getting it right and makes you want to do it again!

Member Of The Year

JUDGED BY Wonderful Brands Education Director Jo Robertson, our finalists were;

  • Toni Roberts – Roberts and Gray
  • Zoë Rees – Biss Hair Therapy
  • Zoey Louise – Salon B
  • Jamie-Leigh Oliver – Micheal John Hair Artworks

What I learnt about myself when I won the award was that if I really put my mind to it and have more faith in myself I can do anything. I also learnt that I am good at my job and I should have much more confidence than I do have with showcasing my work and how I get to where I need to get.

I have never entered an award so the tips I would give is just do it, you’ve got nothing to loose, just make sure you put everything you have into it and the most important thing is you did your best. Entering is the most confident thing you could do.

How I felt when I won both my awards? I sobbed like a baby! I just cried (with happiness of course) I have never won anything before and I lack so much confidence within my job, I’m so used to always being knocked so I didn’t have high hopes but knowing that I won two awards I was and still am over the moon and I sing about them with pride! But I’m always trying to improve myself to always be better as a just in case. I couldn’t be more thankful to the eleven team for boosting my confidence so much!


JUDGED BY Co-Creative Director Andrew O’Toole & Co-Creative Director Joey Scandizzo our finalists were;

  • Douglas Reid – R&R
  • Jamie-Leigh Oliver – Michael John Hair Artworks
  • Hollie Herring – Hair at No.2
  • Eloise Taylor – YOKE The Salon


JUDGED BY Head Of Education Melvin Royce Lane and Jo Robertson Wonderful Brands Education Director, our finalists were;

  • Katie Guise – Ochre Hair Studio
  • Zoë Rees – Bliss Hair Therapy
  • Jamie Sean Boot -Salon B
  • Zoey Louise – Salon B
  • Joshua Lee Partridge – Josh Lee Hair

What I learned about myself by entering the awards is that I’m so busy in the salon that I rarely get the time to reflect. Compiling the entry made me realise how much we’ve developed in business since launching five years ago and actually made me feel quite proud of how far we’ve come!

If you have never entered an award before and if you feel you deserve to be recognised for a certain achievement/award- just go for it! Sitting down to draft the entry can feel a little daunting, especially as hairdressers are not used to being behind a laptop so if necessary seek support. A friend, family member or professional who has copywriting experience will be able to help you effectively convey why you deserve to win.

Another handy tip is to carefully consider the criteria for the specific award you are applying for and write down your key notes in bullet point format. This will help to ensure that the entry remains concise and relevant, which is critical in order for the judges to measure if you are the deserved winner.

When we heard our name being called as a winner we were over the moon. At Josh Lee Hair we are huge advocates of ELEVAN and have been using the products for several years now. To be recognised is an honour.


From Melbourne To Manchester

September saw ELEVEN Australia’s second edu-tainment event of the year in Manchester, where we brought a little of Melbourne sunshine to the North of England (it actually rained  but the sun shone inside 😉)

The event was held at the quirky Five Four Studios in Manchester, stylists were greeted with breakfast pastries before entering the bright white cove studio space, where the stylists received their red ELEVEN Australia goodie bags with the brand new Miracle Hair Treatment Shampoo and Conditioner as part of their £200 swag.

The event kicked off by Jo Robertson ELEVEN Australia UK Education Director, with an introduction to the brand and a little teaser of the next event in London with co-creative directors Joey Scandizzo and Andrew O’Toole. Melvin Royce Lane ELEVEN Australia’s Head Of Education and Brand Artists Paul Dennison were first to the stage. Melvin re-created the ELEVEN Australia signature seamless blonde using powder lighteners and ultra high-lift blonde cream colour, whilst Paul talked about real-life in-salon colour and how to change up your client’s colours quickly and keep them loyal to you and your salon.

Everyone was then treated to the Instagramable grazing platter lunch before seeing Jo Dyer ELEVEN Australia Guest Artist from YOKE The Salon in Plymouth dramatic haircut that had everyone in the audience holding their breath! Jo used the ELEVEN Australia Feather razor and took her model’s waist-length hair and transformed it into a cute Wolfe cut. Joining Jo was ELEVEN Australia Brand Ambassador Conor Doyle. Conor brought his unique and entertaining education to re-energise the room and talked about tackling curly hair with colour.

Next up is Sydney To Shoreditch on Tuesday 27th February with another superstar lineup




Join us for an in-person session of edu-tainment and inspiration featuring ELEVEN Australia Co-Creative Directors, Joey Scandizzo & Andrew O’Toole as well as Head Of Education Melvin Royce Lane, Brand Artist Paul Dennison and European Educator Katie Groves.


Joey and the ELEVEN Australia EDU team will be sharing their favourite cutting, styling, and colouring techniques on live models in a look & learn format, you will then be treated to a photography masterclass with Andrew O’Toole for an event like no other!

Don’t miss the opportunity to gain pro tips, business advice, and network with fellow stylists as well as an amazing  ELEVEN Australia goodie bag worth £200


WHERE: White Rabbit Studios, Shoreditch, LONDON
TIMINGS: 10.30 am – 4 pm
WHEN: Tuesday 27TH February
COST: £200
WHATS INCLUDED: Welcome Breakfast, Lunch and a goodie bag worth £200







Discover all the back issues of our company magazine full of education, inspiration and ideas to get you excited and help you grow your hair business. Simply click on each picture below to view the digital copy and look out for new print editions in your Wonderful Brands orders.

ON NATURE’S SIDE is a revolutionary product that’s 100% biodegradable!

Running a successful salon goes beyond hairstyling and customer service. Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is paramount, but the products you choose can have a significant impact on both your clients and the planet. Enter “On Nature’s Side” – a revolutionary product that’s 100% biodegradable, effective, and non-toxic, making it a game-changer for salon cleaning.

The Power of On Nature’s Side

On Nature’s Side is not your average salon cleaning product. It’s a highly effective biocide formulated from natural ingredients, and it packs a punch when it comes to eliminating microorganisms. With a success rate of 99.995% against various known pathogens, including influenzas, e-coli, c-difficile, MRSA, and norovirus, you can trust that your salon will be a safe space for clients and staff alike.

Gentle and Non-Toxic

One of the key advantages of On Nature’s Side is its gentleness on the skin. You can confidently use it on all salon tools, combs, scissors, surfaces, floors, and seating without worrying about adverse effects or harsh chemicals harming your clients or staff. Unlike traditional salon cleaning products, On Nature’s Side is completely non-toxic and free from harmful ingredients like alcohol, parabens, and dyes. This makes it not only safer for people but also environmentally responsible.

Aquatic Life-Safe

Traditional cleaning products can pose a threat to aquatic life when they are disposed of, but On Nature’s Side takes a different path. It’s a biodegradable product that’s gentle on the environment, ensuring that your commitment to sustainability extends beyond your salon’s doors. This revolutionary solution is also a deodorizer, leaving your salon smelling fresh and clean.

The product has received recognition and approval from the EU as non-hazardous, even in aerosol form.

Sustainability Meets Effectiveness

Natural solutions are often just as effective as chemical-based ones, and On Nature’s Side is a prime example. You can achieve the high level of cleanliness and hygiene your salon demands without compromising on your health or the planet’s health. It’s a win-win scenario.

Additional Details

  • On Nature’s Side comes in 500ml reusable and recyclable plastic bottles. These bottles can be sent back for refilling, reducing waste and promoting the circular economy.
  • The product’s transportation is carbon offset, demonstrating a commitment to reducing its carbon footprint.
  • As part of its environmental impact, On Nature’s Side removes four plastic bottles from the ocean for every bottle sold.
  • It is proudly Green Salon Collective approved, aligning with the sustainability goals of eco-conscious salons.
  • The product is free from synthetic irritants that can harm skin, eyes, and lungs.

As a salon owner or manager, choosing the right cleaning products is not just about maintaining a clean and hygienic environment; it’s also about making choices that align with your commitment to sustainability and a healthier planet. On Nature’s Side offers the perfect solution, effectively eliminating pathogens while being gentle on both people and the environment. Make the change to this revolutionary hair salon cleaning product and join the movement towards a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable future for your salon and the Earth.


Mini Products are not just for Travel.

OK, we know they are great for travel and who doesn’t take miniature versions of their favourite hair & beauty products with them when they go on holiday or for that chic weekend break. But, we know that stocking travel size shampoo’s, conditioners and styling products can ignite your salon retail, so here are some top reasons we believe you wont regret stocking these pocket sized beauties…

Before we get started we need to thank Stella at Lux Loughborough for the picture 📸 and for making the most of ELEVEN Australia mini’s in her beautiful salon. All of the ideas below will help you grow your salon retail but they will work much better if you ensure you are carrying stock of each of the ELEVEN Australia mini size products and are displaying them beautifully in a salon HOT SPOT like the reception desk. Ask your Wonderful Brands Account Manager for ideas to help you get this right and be sure to check out our latest promotions to give you some inspo to drive your retail.

A Great Way for Clients to Try

You’ve created that stunning layered cut and styled it using your favourite I Want Body Texture Spray but your client just isn’t sure that she will use it then recommend taking home a mini first. With a much smaller investment this is a great way for clients to try out a new product.

Something for the Gym Bunny

With over 15% of the UK population going to the gym regularly many clients are looking for products to keep in their gym bag. Whether it’s Deep Clean Clarifying Shampoo for that post workout shower or Give Me Clean Hair Dry Shampoo for a quick style fix, mini products are a great solution.

Business Travellers Best Friend

Whether its a quick trip with an overnight stay in the UK or your client is travelling overseas they will be looking to pack light and avoid that wait for hold luggage at the airport, our minis are all designed to fit in your hand luggage and are under 100ml so can be taken through airport security.

GWP, that’s Gift With Purchase

We are all used to shops offering promotions and one that is particularly effective is the GWP.

Think about your last visit to a beauty counter, were you tempted to buy that new primer because you were offered a free mini moisturiser? We all love something for nothing! What about the free moisturiser, did you love it? Oh, you bought a full size one on your next visit.

This is the kind of activity you can copy in salon and it will really drive your retail sales. For example you could offer a free mini styling product when you a shampoo & conditioner.

Or a Salon Service Promotion

Just like the GWP you can use mini’s to grow your salon services and build retail at the same time. How about offering a free mini product when you rebook today? This will help boost your rebook % and you will see your retail grow as clients are more likely to after trying and seeing the benefits.

Don’t forget to ask how they got on with their mini product when they return to the salon.

And Yes! Holidays too

Are you going anywhere nice for your holidays this year

It’s the conversation that always comes up just be sure to use the opportunity to mention…

We have some great mini products that are ideal for holidays


We offer retail training for salons and can help you make the most of mini products, ask your Wonderful Brands Account Manager to help you grow your retail.

If you missed out on getting a ticket to Bondi to Bristol don’t fear, we are taking our ELEVEN Australia event to Manchester.

Melbourne to Manchester on Monday 2nd October.
Now with 4 platform artists, our event just got bigger! Conor Doyle, Hair Educator, Content Creator & ELEVEN Australia Brand Ambassador, Melvin Royce Lane, ELEVEN Australia Head of Education, Jo Dyer ELEVEN Australia Guest Artist from YOKE THE SALON Plymouth and Paul Dennison ELEVEN Australia Guest Artist . This will be a bumper day of inspiration.

Get ready for an interactive day at Melbourne to Manchester! With 4 models expect a day packed full of inspiration & knowledge from colour techniques you can take back to the salon through to how to capture that perfect image. As we are moving in to autumn we will be looking at transitioning our ELEVEN Australia COLOUR bright summer blondes by adding dimension, as well playing with bespoke tones to create a seasonal palette. Cutting and styling will also take centre stage with the fresh looks and techniques you can take straight back to the salon.

Straight after our last event, Bondi to Bristol, Conor said

This was such an exciting event to work at, we created colour magic live while sharing and chatting about our unique approach to colour. I can’t wait for the next one ❤️

and Melvin was blown away too

This event was incredible, it was so good to get to meet so many of you and to share our ELEVEN Australia brand ethos with you all. I can’t wait for the next one, this time bringing a little bit of Melbourne to Manchester!

Where: fivefourstudios, 54 Oldfield road, Manchester, M5 4LZ
When: Monday 2nd October 10.30 – 4.30
What’s included: Drinks, snacks, lunch and an ELEVEN Australia goodie bag worth over £200
How to book: Speak to your account manager or click the link below
Investment: £150 +VAT  (3  easy  payments  available  with  Klarna)



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