The Bell Bottom Bob is a chic and on-trend hairstyle that has been gaining popularity among celebrities.  ELEVEN Australia’s Cut & COLOUR Educator Ben Nott shares everything you need to know about this latest trend.

The Bell Bottom Bob is a testament to the recurring nature of fashion, drawing inspiration from the iconic flared jeans of the 70s, this trend made its last appearance in the 90’s. This style is characterized by its distinctive outward flick at the ends, reminiscent of the bell-bottom shape. It’s a versatile cut that can be adapted for various hair lengths, from chin to shoulder and is particularly suited for one-length bobs with minimal layering.

The key to achieving the perfect Bell Bottom Bob lies in the styling technique. Starting with a rough dry at the top ensures the hair is directed from root to tip, the perfect styling product for this is  ELEVEN Australia I Want Body Foam which creates lift and hold, while the use of a round brush on the mid-lengths can vary the finish from messy and undone to sleek and polished. The final touch, the bell bottom flick, is created by drying the hair upwards from beneath, which can be further defined with velcro rollers or a flat iron for a more dramatic effect.

As fashion shifts away from the long, beachy waves that have been prevalent, the Bell Bottom Bob offers a fresh and modern take on short hairstyles, turning what could be an unruly flick into a stylish statement. It’s a creative adaptation that celebrates individuality and the art of hairstyling.

Hair Cut – Joey Scandizzo
Hair Colour – Ben Nott
Photographer – Andrew O’Toole
Model Agency _ Black Bird Cage

Summer Hair is on the horizon, and we’ve connected with ELEVEN Australia’s Brand Artist, Paul Dennison. He sheds light on the Aussie-inspired glossing trend and the benefits of incorporating it into your salon’s service offerings.

What are the benefits of glossing treatments on a client’s hair, and how often should they be performed to maintain these results?


Glossing is an excellent method for introducing new, commitment-free tones to hair, ideal for reviving existing colours or experimenting with new shades. Depending on the hair’s texture and porosity, glossing can be done every 20 washes.
ELEVEN Australia has introduced two technical products that enhance the longevity of the colour and aid in perfecting the tonal deposit. The Porosity Equaliser Spray not only balances porosity for an even colour application but also ensures the quality of your colour work. To complete the colour service, ELEVEN Australia offers the Colour Lock Spray, which seals the cuticle post-colouring and restores the hair’s normal pH, thereby sealing in the colour for extended longevity.

How do glossing treatments work?

A gloss sits on the outer layer of the hair, adding beautiful shine as well as tone. They are usually performed with a low percentage of peroxide which sits into the cuticle and does not shift the natural hair. The ELEVEN Australia Liquid Demi Permanent COLOUR has a 2% or 4% activator, the 2% is a glossing treatment and the 4% acts as a toner.

Why do you think ‘glossed hair’ is so popular at the moment?

The Aussie trend of lived-in blondes came over and changed the way we coloured hair. It became about “NOT” looking coloured but looking like you stepped off Bondi Beach with skin kissed lived in tones. This introduced the low commitment colour to the UK and ELEVEN Australia is the perfect colour brand to have to create those true Aussie tones.

How can glossing treatments attract new clients to the salon?

One of the main reasons clients shy away from colouring their hair is due to hair damage. Introducing glossing allows you to give no-commitment colour, there is also a big trend of glass hair at the moment and glossing can also be done without adding tone to the hair and just using a clear gloss.

How would you pitch a glossing treatment to an existing client?

Glossing treatments are great for client retention, it enables you to change the tones on every visit. Small changes of tones to us as a hairstylists are small but to our clients can be a big change. Adding warmer soft coppers in the winter and beige blondes in the summer will get them returning over and over again. It’s a simple as let’s add a seasonal refresh tone to your service this visit.


92% of Hairdressers don’t know why bleach damages hair!

During a recent survey, we asked 2000 hairdressers – which of the below causes more damage to the hair when using powder bleach?

1. Choice of Peroxide
2. Mixing Ratio
3. Timing

Before we get into the answers, bleach is one of the most aggressive chemicals we put on the hair. What causes the most damage to the hair is the aggressor, let’s break this down.

Peroxide – The function of peroxide is to provide an extraordinary quantity of oxygen. In this case extraordinary means out of the ordinary. The peroxide is the fuel to allow the bleach to do its job. This is why when using a higher peroxide you may see more raw undercoat, this is because the peroxide (fuel) allowed the bleach to lighten too quickly and didn’t have time to neutralise. This is where the term low and slow comes from. Taking this into consideration this is not the aggressor.

Mixing Ratio – Bleach is one of the most complex hair products to produce, when in production the different granules are together in a particular order and the moisture content is measured per batch. They are also made in such small quantities due to the complexity of production.

This is such a complex product to produce it is made by specialists who only make bleach, these specialists tend to be in South America. Taking this into consideration the thought of eyeballing your mixing ratio should make you break into a sweat!

Not following the mixing ratio guidelines or will cause unnecessary damage to the hair, as the bleach powder is the aggressor that causes the most damage to the hair. For instance, 1:1 mixing ratio will be far more aggressive and cause more damage than using 1:1.5 as there is more concentration of powder bleach.

Timings – Manufacturer’s guidelines for bleach is just a guideline, consideration needs to be taken when analysing the hair texture and natural base. Knowing that bleach is a strong aggressor on the hair, consideration also needs to be taken with the salon environment, if the salon is warm it will develop more quickly. If the client’s body temperature is raised due to menstruation or menopause will also affect the development.

Yes, the timings will affect the condition of the hair but this is not the main aggressor. Damage caused by timing is from user error.

In summary – The mixing ratio is the main reason for causing more damage to the hair as you are altering the strength of the bleach powder and making it stronger and more aggressive to the hair.

Both Peroxide and timings need to be considered when using bleach powder and will affect the outcome and condition of the hair.

All 3 scenarios are subjective to user error and bleach powder should always be measured and never eyeballed, you should never leave bleach powder to develop and not check throughout and peroxide is not the devil, it’s the fuel the hair needs to lighten.

Our Wonderful Education brochure for 2024 is here, ask your Account Manager for more details or click the link below to see everything we have to offer….

With the New Year coming how can you get your colour clients to visit you more often? We asked 4 of our Wonderful Educators for their tips for getting more frequent colour visits

Katie Groves ELEVEN Australia COLOUR

With clients regularly going longer now between their colour services, it’s important to take a look at what “in-between” services we can offer. We want to keep their hair looking great whilst also helping people back through the salon door.

Offering a bespoke gloss using Eleven Australia’s Liquid Demi’s is an easy win! Coupled with a cut and style, your client will leave feeling refreshed. The natural ingredients in Eleven’s colour help bring back the shine to an old balayage in one quick and easy service. Tone down brass, add a golden glow or just simply use a beautiful clear gloss.

Jay Boot ELEVEN Australia COLOUR

In the world of Balayage that keeps our clients happy for 6-8 months, sometimes even longer, it can have its disadvantages – namely, our pockets!

Client rebookings are imperative to any successful stylist or salon which is why I offer multiple ‘in-between balayage’ services to my clients. Typically, around 6 weeks prior to their balayage appointment, I book my clients for a gloss using ELEVEN AUSTRALIA liquid colour, using the CLEAR from Eleven’s Demi permanent colour range mixed with 2% on a 1:1 ratio allows to refresh any clients beautiful colour and bring back shine and health to the hair thanks to the ranges naturally derived ingredients. Clients love this service teamed with a blowdry and style as it’s quick and usually much less expensive than their full balayage service.

 Vicki Lewis – Yellow Alfaparf

Over the recent years, we have noticed more clients stretching their colours out longer. This is from colour trends evolving to balayage, COVID and also being more careful with money. To be able to entice our clients to up their visit frequency we have introduced new services.

Fashion lights – This is a quick top-up service to keep the hair looking fresh and healthy. They are also able to top up their retail to support us and not swap to another online brand. Fashion Lights is a combination of a face frame and 20 foils using Yellow 7 levels bleach and Bond Hero, working on clever angles that give maximum coverage in no time, finished with a gloss using the Yellow Tone on Tone creator.

Thom Robb – ELEVEN Australia COLOUR
Lived-in, future-proof hair colour is a trend that’s sticking around! But are our clients missing out on in-between services that we can offer them? I’m a firm lover of setting my lived-in clients on a journey, catered around their lifestyle, loves and budgets.

Mapping out how their hair is going to last and fade means you can work out on booking them in for an in-between appointment which could include such services as a cleansing build-up removal, a tonal refreshing glaze or even both as a bespoke package, keeping their hair in great condition, their colour maintained and their smile in your seat is back sooner than it would normally be. Save yourself less time on the 6-8 month full service, keep your client engaged with what you can offer them and get excited about the hair journey you can take your client on.

In Conversation with Charlotte Evans – Ginger Salon, Bromsgrove. Talking about the cost of living, gaining new clients and the environment.

Rather than reducing your prices or offering discounts, how can you entice clients to spend on colour during the cost-of-living crisis?

Education  Education  Education!

Our guests need to know why they should be coming in for regular colour top-ups,  and it’s our job as their stylist to pass our professional knowledge on!

Recently we posted an educational Instagram post called ‘The cycle of a Balayage’ Where we covered the maintenance and the cost our guests can expect over the course of a year. This was our most successful educational post and we became inundated with guest queries and bookings for Balayage!


What is your opinion on offering discounts on colour services?

I understand why our industry does it, for years we have been undervalued by society.  I am sure many of us remember the sheer disrespect from school careers advisers “You aren’t very academic, have you considered Hair and Beauty?”… rude.


This leads us to undervalue ourselves and very often price our services with emotion “I feel bad charging that” “My clients can’t afford that” or worse, we base our prices on competitors, without knowing their overheads.

My salon is the most expensive in the area, and yes I know some people cannot afford us, and That’s ok. This makes room for our ‘Fans’ who are fiercely loyal.

Adding value to a guest’s service is extremely important, Knowing your Customer journey inside-out, having great quality coffee, an easy, transparent booking system and epic customer service all sets you apart from the competition.  So very often a guest’s decision to sit in your chair, isn’t based on price. That being said, we understand the current climate has been difficult for most. Unless you are Jeff Bezos! We have a few budget-friendly options, such as a reduced rate for on-the-day walk-ins to fill white space. Model nights and a tiered pricing structure so that guests have a degree of control over their spending.  I personally feel If guests see their regular service constantly on offer they will begrudge paying full price.


 Are there any alternative colour services that you have been offering as a result of the cost-of-living crisis?

 Yes, we recently started offering express colour services to our Guests. This includes ‘Express Roots’ this covers the parting only, and a blast dry with an assistant. This is available to regular Guests and can only be booked by the stylist if suitable. This is great for emergency grey coverage for a job interview that has caught you off guard!  Another popular service is ‘Face frame’ This is great for those guests who want their blonde Poppin!


Do you break down the cost of your colour services for your clients? Why/ why not? What could be the benefits or negatives of this?

We don’t break down the colour services, as sometimes we feel this limits us in the long run. As creatives, I believe we should have a certain amount of both control and freedom. Recently I separated the price of a toner and now very often guests ask not to have one.  I do feel that having extras is super important though. Adding a treatment to a guests service, or upselling from a Blow-Dry to a Cut and Finish can add thousands to your profit margin per year!


Do you have any advice on how to advertise and market your colour services?

Get Creative!

To stand out from the crowd you need to discover your USP (Unique selling point). Ask yourself why your guests come to you, and if you don’t know ask them! How do you make them feel? why are you different? Once you have this information, you have your avatar. Give her a name, a job, hobbies and interests. This is where you should concentrate most of your efforts. If your avatar is a Mum, team up with a Mum group on Facebook. If your avatar is a student, get yourself the local university and collaborate on an Event! Tag your colour house and demo your products.  ELEVEN Australia is a colourist’s dream, they support everyone, not just stylists with a big following!


How would you approach a conversation regarding colour with clients who are worried about damaging their hair?

Like all colour services, it should start with a Thorough consultation.  Here we dive into the nitty-gritty of the hair history, guest’s desires and above else managing expectations. Using concise and simple terminology can you get the very best out of your guest.  Strand tests are a Must, this avoids any nasty surprises on the day!


We switched to ELEVEN Australia last year and clients rave about the shine, condition and longevity of their colour. Eleven bleach lifts clean whilst keeping the integrity of the hair intact.  My summer tip for Guests is to massage MIRACLE HAIR TREATMENT  through the ends of their hair whilst on the beach for that ultimate summer protection!!


 What about clients who are worried about the environment?

 I feel that we all have our part to play in saving the environment. Small changes make a huge difference. Whether that be eating less meat, or buying your clothes from Vinted. (My own personal pledge this year) .

Eleven Australia has a huge part to play in our mission. All packaging is recyclable and made from Recycled materials. Their ingredients are naturally derived, vegan and cruelty-free….. What’s not to Love?

Education is at the heart of ELEVEN Australia, and we love nothing more than visiting salons and sharing the ELEVEN Australia love. In this blog, you can follow us on two in-salon education sessions. This will allow you to prepare for your education session to get the most out of the day.

Our education sessions are 5 hours in duration. The session consists of 1-hour theory and then 4 hours of practical with live models.

In the sessions we cover;

  • How to analyse hair the ELEVEN Australia way
  • Tonal directions of the colour
  • Colour choice
  • Colour wheel
  • Peroxide Choice
  • White hair Coverage or blending
  • Lightening hair
  • Zone toning

To get the most from our education sessions we recommend that you provide 3 skin-tested models. Preferably a white hair coverage, a copper or red and a hi-lift blonde. We can then help you formulate and show you how to get 100% white hair coverage as well as getting to play with our stand-out Ultra High lift blonde range.

Need more inspiration? Take a look below at an in-salon education session with our Education Director Jo Robertson using ELEVEN Australia permanent COLOUR.


This session was led by ELEVEN Australia Educator Vicki Lewis and Education Director Jo Robertson.

We were very excited to visit Amy and her team, the salon was already using our Demi Permanent COLOUR, so the anticipation was high to take a look at our Permanent range.

The team are very experienced colourists and pride themselves as balayage specialists. The ELEVEN Australia Permanent range would complement the work that they do in the salon. Amy had arranged 4 perfect models for us for the day.

As well as sharing all the essential colour knowledge in our theory session we spend time analysing the hair as a team, looking at the natural base, percentage of white hair, deposit of pigments and undercoats. We believe that if we get all if this correct and then choose an achievable target shade due to our in-depth colour analysis will allow us to set ourselves up for success. Picking the correct developer choice is also key, there is an industry common mistake of just reaching for 20vol without taking into consideration the levels of lift that you require.

All stylists complete a full consultation as a team to discuss the natural depth of the hair, existing tone and target shade. Once everyone is in agreement we then get to the fun part of creating beautiful colours. Here are a few of the colours created on the day.


Salon Ginger

This session was led by Emma Bedford ELEVEN Australia Educator and Jo Robertson Education Director. Another beautiful space, this salon is owned by the equally gorgeous Charlotte Evans. The salon had not used ELEVEN Australia before but have been looking at our range for a while, especially our coppers!

The session was to cover both our Demi and Permanent colour with her 4 stylists. We started the day with understanding the theory of the colour, we believe you need to learn the rules before breaking them! We had a perfect blend of colour models which really helped the salon to test the colour to the full.

Once we had correctly identified the natural bases, chosen the target colour and accessed the percentage of white hair using the ELEVEN Australia consultation method we started to colour.

Our Coopers in ELEVEN Australia really stand out and Charlotte arranged for 2 copper models. One using the Liquid demi Permanent colour and the second with permanent.

The first client had previously lightened hair and natural hair, we used the Liquid Demi Permanent Colour 7.CC / 7.44 + 2% on the natural hair and the same formula with 4% on the mid-lengths and ends to create the most intensity of tone.

The second copper was with our permanent colours the formula was 1 part 8GC / 8.34 + 2 parts 7CC / 7.44 + 20 Vol / 6%.

As well as the beautiful coppers we also toned, glossed, covered white hair and also enhanced colours with beautiful tones using both our Liquid Demi and permanent range. This was a very busy session and we managed to get through a lot of colours in the session which really showed the range off to its full potential.

They key to testing a colour new range is to not compare but to take the chance to relook at your client’s hair with fresh eyes. Be open to trying different tones and rethink the consultation process. If you try and match or compare, you will never be open to using a new colour.

Here are a few of the other colours that were created during the session.

A massive thank you to both Amy from Nouvelles and Charlotte at salon Ginger for being the perfect salon hosts. We can’t wait to continue the journey with them.

If you would like to take a look at ELEVEN Australia COLOUR for your salon, please get in contact with us using the form below.

Forget Cow Girl Copper, the new colour trend about to hit our salons is called Kitty Brunette. We asked ELEVEN Australia Guest Artists Zoë Rees and ELEVEN Australia European Education Katie Groves for their opinion on how to achieve the look.

Zoë Rees @BlissHairTherapy ELEVEN Australia Guest Artist

Move over, boring balayage! Make way for the purr-fect new trend: The Kitty Brunette. This fresh hue is set to be the talk of the town come 2024. It’s a match made in heaven, tailored to your unique style and preferences. With its effortless grow-out and low-maintenance vibe, you’ll be saving both time and money. This trend is all about lighter tones that match your skin tone, giving you a multi-tonal masterpiece that’ll have everyone purring with envy. Say goodbye to plain Jane and hello to the Kitty Brunette!

This new Kitty Brunette colour will appeal to clients who want to move from monotone to multi-tonal. They can chat with their stylist who can recommend the right shades to compliment their skin tone.

This is a low-maintenance colour and this will also appeal to clients who have busy lives and can’t always stick to a 6 weekly colour schedule. The purrr-fect tones can be selected and tailored to suit the individual. From chocolate, chestnut and cinnamon tones to toffee and golds right through to cooler taupe tones.

My tips for creating the purrfect Kitty Brunette will be to keep the tones lighter and softer around the hairline to create a complimentary face frame. Add slices of complimenting tones chosen to suit your client. Slices will add more impact to show off the colour. Add contrasting sections of depth to help your chosen tabby cat shades shine through.

Pressure points to look out for:

I never recommend taking your clients overall colour darker than their natural depth. To add more depth, this can be done in foils and avoid these showing right at the parting so the regrowth will be easier to maintain.

Use a demi liquid colour to add depth instead of a permanent colour. This is a great tip to keep in mind especially for those clients who will be looking for another change later on in the year.

Katie Groves @katiegroveshair – ELEVEN Australia Educator

Kitty Brunette appeals to clients who want to maintain their brunette vibe with a little excitement. The soft roots and maximum contrast through the lengths give fun vibes without the maintenance.

The raw look of the lightness throughout the body of the colour lends itself to being a low-maintenance colour. Pair with a soft root and it’s a perfect combo! Avoiding any harsh lines around the face and ensuring you have a soft root, will keep this look classy. Also, don’t over colour!  Keep enough of the natural brunette there and this will really make this technique pop.



In Conversation with ELEVEN Australia Brand Artist Paul Denison talking about making your Brunette clientele stand out

What is an ‘expensive brunette’?

An Expensive Brunette is a rich cool mahogany that does not have an orange undertone to it. The range glow that can sometimes happen comes from when you shift the hair exposing an undercoat of warmth, it tends to look like an orange band which looks like the sun is behind you. I always use an Ash tone to create this type of tone and find expensive-looking brunettes are more on the cooler side maybe with a mahogany undertone, like a .53 with a .1, these will sit a lot nicer than if you have maybe than .3 or .4. The key to it is NOT have a consistent colour from root to tip and having more tonal variation through the ends, I tend to add a backwash balayage to create a multi-tonal effect.

What are the benefits of highlighting your brunette services to your clients e.g. standing out from the crowd in your marketing?

Anyone can put a box dye on their hair but creating a colour that is multional and expensive is an art. Talk to your clients through your email list and social media and share what the process of the colour service is. Treat the description like a menu, and share that you will be finishing the hair with a gloss which will enhance the shine and give a multi-tonal finish to the hair.

Are you seeing an increase in clients wanting to enhance their natural colour?

At this time of year, we do tend to see more people wanting to embrace more natural tones, but if you’re thinking of venturing a little bit further down the scale into maybe those rich deep brunettes remember pre-pig the hair to gain longevity of colour and recommend good home care. I still advise my brunette clients to use Keep My Blonde Shampoo every now and then just to help keep that coolness.

What are some trending brunettes that you’re seeing e.g. mushroom brown, ash-brown, bronze, cinnamon spice etc?

I’m not one for colouring someone’s hair to a certain colour just because it is a trend but after the cowgirl copper I am seeing more cooler brunttes being requested. I prefer to recommend colours that are going to suit their skin tone and flatter their eyes.

Our Wonderful Education brochure for 2023 is here, ask your Account Manager for more details or read on for everything we have to offer….

Bring on 2023!
We are really excited to share with you our education for 2023, we feel this is an excitement in the air around building a new type of hairdressing world whether you are a freelance or a hybrid salon we have something for you. We have teamed up with some education friends to offer you everything you need to make the best of 2023. Getting the basics right with social media through to caring for your Mental Health we have something for everyone.

With a fresh approach to hair education, ELEVEN Australia EDU encourages, inspires and supports the hairdressers of tomorrow with its modern approach to cutting and styling. With a strong commercial appeal, ELEVEN Australia EDU arms stylists with the skills to become an integral part of your growing business.
2022 saw the explosive launch ELEVEN Australia Permanent Colour which compliments the Liquid Demi Permanent range perfectly. As well as in-salon we now have a brand new Colour classes, where we will take you on the colour journey, learning the fundamentals of ELEVEN Australia COLOUR through to technique classes .

Yellow Colour Education is driving change, this brand has soon gathered colourist fans. In our in salon education delivered by our expert team of educators, you will be guided through real salon colour scenarios that will help you to gain more confidence and understanding of this beautiful range of colours.

“Helping you to succeed is part of DNA so jump in and discover the wonderful world of education.”

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