ELEVEN Australia Colour: quick guide

Why ELEVEN Australia Colour?

This new colour has been developed by colourists for colourists. Keeping with the simplicity Of the brand, ELEVEN Australia has developed a unique high performing demi‑permanent liquid colour that is easy to use. All 42 shades are intermixable giving colourists optimal colour palette choices for their clients.

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Naturally Derived Ingredients

Naturally derived ingredients

Our hero ingredients are:

Hydrolysed Pea Protein a is a high moisture retentive biopolymer with an amino acid composition similar to that of hydrolysed keratin.

It revitalises hair strength lost by environmental damage and increases hair elasticity to prevent breakage.

Hydrolysed Quinoa ‑ A natural protein for hair colour retention, condition and protection. Quinoa is considered a complete protein containing seventeen amino acids, including all eight essential amino acids.

It’s cationic (positively charged) amino acids have an affinity to the hair and act to penetrate and bind the hair.

Anionic (negatively charged) amino acids create scaffold around the hair to protect it.

Together these proteins shield the hair strand, improve combability on wet and dry hair and enhance shine.

Organic Sunflower Oil is
a natural oil that has deep moisturising properties to improve the manageability and appearance of dry, damaged hair.

Light in texture, it helps add moisture without leaving residue so hair doesn’t feel heavy or greasy. It adds instant shine and softness to hair.

6 colour families

Endless combinations of colours can be created from the 30 shades. Giving the hairstylist optimum colour choices for their clients as well as offering solutions to challenging hair colour.

  • Natural
  • Cool
  • Warm
  • Fashion
  • Paste

Pastel family

Our 11 shades uniquely developed blonde pastel shades positioned at the depth of a 9 are designed to enable you to create unique blondes with soft pastel tonal direction.

Add tone, gloss, colour and shine in a very controlled application without the fear of over toning or dropping the colour to a darker depth. Specifically designed blonde shades offer a variation in tone which is perfect for multi toning or zone toning. Blondes have never been easier or more dimensional

Our Activators

There Are 2 options available to mix with the Demi permanent liquid colour that allow for a multitude of colouring options and colouring services.
2% (7vol) liquid activator.


  • Quick mixing
  • Simple 1:1 formulation
  • Ideal to apply with the applicator bottle
  • Quick toning on highly porous hair
  • Very fluid mix – easily distributed through the hair
  • Will not effect (shift) the natural hair depth


  • Pastel toning
  • Pure gloss
  • White hair blending
  • Fashion shades
  • Refreshing existing colour
  • Corrective colour
    4% (13vol) cream activator


  • Quick mixing
  • Simple 1:1 formulation
  • Precision application
  • Adheres to the hair therefore ideal for white hair blending
  • Will slightly effect (shift) the natural depth
  • Intensifies tone


  • Increases the effectiveness of white hair blending
  • Increases the longevity of the colour
  • Increases the effectiveness of intensifying fashion shades
  • Colour Correction

Our technical service products

Porosity Equaliser Spray

Directions for use;

Before each colour service, apply evenly to hair and do not rinse. After a Lightening powder service, apply to wet hair before toning.


Evens out and treats porous and damaged areas of the hair before the colour service.Highly recommended for overly porous or lightened hair. The unique formula is enriched with an Amino Acid blend and 95.6% naturally derived ingredients.Producing various benefits such as moisturising, strengthening hair structure, colour protection and repairs surface damage to hair.

Colour lock spray

Directions for use;

After shampooing, rinse the hair until the water. Runs clear. Towel dry and spray Colour Lock Spray evenly from roots to ends, do not rinse out and do not apply conditioner. This seals the cuticle with it’s low Ph value.


Colour Lock Spray completes every ELEVEN Australia COLOUR service.Contains 92% naturally derived ingredients.
Specifically designed to close the cuticle.
Ensures maximum colour longevity, hydration and exceptional shine.

Barrier cream

Directions for use;

Apply generously around the perimeter of the client’s hairline and ears prior to the colour application. It will not block colour development if applied to the hair.It is applied directly to the skin surface to help maintain a physical barrier between the skin and hair, helping to prevent colour staining and skin sensitivity.

Clear shades

A pigment free formula for multiple options. Mixed with 2% (7vol) LIQUID ACTIVATOR for a pure gloss service, creating natural hair luminosity.

Add it to any of the shades to reduce the colour intensity of the tone and depth of the shade. Mix it with the Pastel Collection to create a light colour wash effect for the lightest hue of pastel tone with ultimate shine and con

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