Bio Ionic Smart X Style Settings

How to use the lock functions for your style settings on the Bio Ionic Smart X Dryer


After setting the desired air flow speed and temperature, the selector buttons can be locked to prevent accidental change during use. To lock the air speed and temperature selection buttons, turn the power-on/lock switch to the locking position. While the air speed and temperature selector buttons are locked, the Cold Shot button/function can still be used.
To unlock settings, move the power switch to the “on” setting and adjust settings as desired.


The hair dryer is equipped with 3 air flow levels. By pressing the top part of the adjustment button, the air flow increases as shown by the blue indicator lights. To decrease the flow, press the bottom part of the adjustment button.


The hair dryer is fitted with 3 temperature levels that can be adjusted by pressing the dedicated button. By pressing the upper part of the button, the temperature increases as indicated by the 3red indicator lights. To decrease the temperature, press the bottom part of the button.


The “cold shot” button may be used during hair drying to promote a long-lasting style. To activate this function, simply press and hold the Cold Shot button. To deactivate it, release the button. When the Cold Shot is active, the hair dryer blows cold air regardless of the temperature it is set on. The temperature indicators flash quickly to indicate the Cold Shot mode is active. By turning it off, the temperature returns to the previous setting (Cold Shot mode deactivation).

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