ELEVEN Australia Colour Formula

This is your chance to re-watch the ELEVEN Australia Demi-Permanent Liquid Colour Formula webinar with Katie Groves and Annabelle Arnold.

Are you looking to achieve the perfect root tap or looking for inspiration on creating bespoke tones?

If so this webinar is for you, you will discover the benefits of 2% & 4% and how this will change your toning game, along with their favorite formulas.

Here are some of our tips;
Don’t forget about clear – This can dilute tone e.g. 6RR + Clear will make a pink or 9GG + Clear will make 10GG.
2% will not bump the base – Use this on natural hair only, if you want more intensity, or toning over pre-existing colour use 4%.

Here are our favorite formulas at the moment.

Root tap  1/2 8MT & 1/2 7GM
Mushroom – 3/4 8GA 1/4 8MT
Peach –  3/4 9C +1/4 6RR
Baby Pink – 3/4 10GM 1/4 6RR
Steel Grey – 1/2 8V 1/2 7AA
Beige Blonde – 1/2 9AG & 1/2 9V

Don’t forget to share your formulas using #elevenformula on Instagram

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