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Education is at the heart of ELEVEN Australia, and we love nothing more than visiting salons and sharing the ELEVEN Australia love. In this blog, you can follow us on two in-salon education sessions. This will allow you to prepare for your education session to get the most out of the day.

Our education sessions are 5 hours in duration. The session consists of 1-hour theory and then 4 hours of practical with live models.

In the sessions we cover;

  • How to analyse hair the ELEVEN Australia way
  • Tonal directions of the colour
  • Colour choice
  • Colour wheel
  • Peroxide Choice
  • White hair Coverage or blending
  • Lightening hair
  • Zone toning

To get the most from our education sessions we recommend that you provide 3 skin-tested models. Preferably a white hair coverage, a copper or red and a hi-lift blonde. We can then help you formulate and show you how to get 100% white hair coverage as well as getting to play with our stand-out Ultra High lift blonde range.

Need more inspiration? Take a look below at an in-salon education session with our Education Director Jo Robertson using ELEVEN Australia permanent COLOUR.


This session was led by ELEVEN Australia Educator Vicki Lewis and Education Director Jo Robertson.

We were very excited to visit Amy and her team, the salon was already using our Demi Permanent COLOUR, so the anticipation was high to take a look at our Permanent range.

The team are very experienced colourists and pride themselves as balayage specialists. The ELEVEN Australia Permanent range would complement the work that they do in the salon. Amy had arranged 4 perfect models for us for the day.

As well as sharing all the essential colour knowledge in our theory session we spend time analysing the hair as a team, looking at the natural base, percentage of white hair, deposit of pigments and undercoats. We believe that if we get all if this correct and then choose an achievable target shade due to our in-depth colour analysis will allow us to set ourselves up for success. Picking the correct developer choice is also key, there is an industry common mistake of just reaching for 20vol without taking into consideration the levels of lift that you require.

All stylists complete a full consultation as a team to discuss the natural depth of the hair, existing tone and target shade. Once everyone is in agreement we then get to the fun part of creating beautiful colours. Here are a few of the colours created on the day.


Salon Ginger

This session was led by Emma Bedford ELEVEN Australia Educator and Jo Robertson Education Director. Another beautiful space, this salon is owned by the equally gorgeous Charlotte Evans. The salon had not used ELEVEN Australia before but have been looking at our range for a while, especially our coppers!

The session was to cover both our Demi and Permanent colour with her 4 stylists. We started the day with understanding the theory of the colour, we believe you need to learn the rules before breaking them! We had a perfect blend of colour models which really helped the salon to test the colour to the full.

Once we had correctly identified the natural bases, chosen the target colour and accessed the percentage of white hair using the ELEVEN Australia consultation method we started to colour.

Our Coopers in ELEVEN Australia really stand out and Charlotte arranged for 2 copper models. One using the Liquid demi Permanent colour and the second with permanent.

The first client had previously lightened hair and natural hair, we used the Liquid Demi Permanent Colour 7.CC / 7.44 + 2% on the natural hair and the same formula with 4% on the mid-lengths and ends to create the most intensity of tone.

The second copper was with our permanent colours the formula was 1 part 8GC / 8.34 + 2 parts 7CC / 7.44 + 20 Vol / 6%.

As well as the beautiful coppers we also toned, glossed, covered white hair and also enhanced colours with beautiful tones using both our Liquid Demi and permanent range. This was a very busy session and we managed to get through a lot of colours in the session which really showed the range off to its full potential.

They key to testing a colour new range is to not compare but to take the chance to relook at your client’s hair with fresh eyes. Be open to trying different tones and rethink the consultation process. If you try and match or compare, you will never be open to using a new colour.

Here are a few of the other colours that were created during the session.

A massive thank you to both Amy from Nouvelles and Charlotte at salon Ginger for being the perfect salon hosts. We can’t wait to continue the journey with them.

If you would like to take a look at ELEVEN Australia COLOUR for your salon, please get in contact with us using the form below.

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