How to get more colour salon visits

With the New Year coming how can you get your colour clients to visit you more often? We asked 4 of our Wonderful Educators for their tips for getting more frequent colour visits

Katie Groves ELEVEN Australia COLOUR

With clients regularly going longer now between their colour services, it’s important to take a look at what “in-between” services we can offer. We want to keep their hair looking great whilst also helping people back through the salon door.

Offering a bespoke gloss using Eleven Australia’s Liquid Demi’s is an easy win! Coupled with a cut and style, your client will leave feeling refreshed. The natural ingredients in Eleven’s colour help bring back the shine to an old balayage in one quick and easy service. Tone down brass, add a golden glow or just simply use a beautiful clear gloss.

Jay Boot ELEVEN Australia COLOUR

In the world of Balayage that keeps our clients happy for 6-8 months, sometimes even longer, it can have its disadvantages – namely, our pockets!

Client rebookings are imperative to any successful stylist or salon which is why I offer multiple ‘in-between balayage’ services to my clients. Typically, around 6 weeks prior to their balayage appointment, I book my clients for a gloss using ELEVEN AUSTRALIA liquid colour, using the CLEAR from Eleven’s Demi permanent colour range mixed with 2% on a 1:1 ratio allows to refresh any clients beautiful colour and bring back shine and health to the hair thanks to the ranges naturally derived ingredients. Clients love this service teamed with a blowdry and style as it’s quick and usually much less expensive than their full balayage service.

 Vicki Lewis – Yellow Alfaparf

Over the recent years, we have noticed more clients stretching their colours out longer. This is from colour trends evolving to balayage, COVID and also being more careful with money. To be able to entice our clients to up their visit frequency we have introduced new services.

Fashion lights – This is a quick top-up service to keep the hair looking fresh and healthy. They are also able to top up their retail to support us and not swap to another online brand. Fashion Lights is a combination of a face frame and 20 foils using Yellow 7 levels bleach and Bond Hero, working on clever angles that give maximum coverage in no time, finished with a gloss using the Yellow Tone on Tone creator.

Thom Robb – ELEVEN Australia COLOUR
Lived-in, future-proof hair colour is a trend that’s sticking around! But are our clients missing out on in-between services that we can offer them? I’m a firm lover of setting my lived-in clients on a journey, catered around their lifestyle, loves and budgets.

Mapping out how their hair is going to last and fade means you can work out on booking them in for an in-between appointment which could include such services as a cleansing build-up removal, a tonal refreshing glaze or even both as a bespoke package, keeping their hair in great condition, their colour maintained and their smile in your seat is back sooner than it would normally be. Save yourself less time on the 6-8 month full service, keep your client engaged with what you can offer them and get excited about the hair journey you can take your client on.

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