NEW Trend Alert – Kitty Brunette

Forget Cow Girl Copper, the new colour trend about to hit our salons is called Kitty Brunette. We asked ELEVEN Australia Guest Artists Zoë Rees and ELEVEN Australia European Education Katie Groves for their opinion on how to achieve the look.

Zoë Rees @BlissHairTherapy ELEVEN Australia Guest Artist

Move over, boring balayage! Make way for the purr-fect new trend: The Kitty Brunette. This fresh hue is set to be the talk of the town come 2024. It’s a match made in heaven, tailored to your unique style and preferences. With its effortless grow-out and low-maintenance vibe, you’ll be saving both time and money. This trend is all about lighter tones that match your skin tone, giving you a multi-tonal masterpiece that’ll have everyone purring with envy. Say goodbye to plain Jane and hello to the Kitty Brunette!

This new Kitty Brunette colour will appeal to clients who want to move from monotone to multi-tonal. They can chat with their stylist who can recommend the right shades to compliment their skin tone.

This is a low-maintenance colour and this will also appeal to clients who have busy lives and can’t always stick to a 6 weekly colour schedule. The purrr-fect tones can be selected and tailored to suit the individual. From chocolate, chestnut and cinnamon tones to toffee and golds right through to cooler taupe tones.

My tips for creating the purrfect Kitty Brunette will be to keep the tones lighter and softer around the hairline to create a complimentary face frame. Add slices of complimenting tones chosen to suit your client. Slices will add more impact to show off the colour. Add contrasting sections of depth to help your chosen tabby cat shades shine through.

Pressure points to look out for:

I never recommend taking your clients overall colour darker than their natural depth. To add more depth, this can be done in foils and avoid these showing right at the parting so the regrowth will be easier to maintain.

Use a demi liquid colour to add depth instead of a permanent colour. This is a great tip to keep in mind especially for those clients who will be looking for another change later on in the year.

Katie Groves @katiegroveshair – ELEVEN Australia Educator

Kitty Brunette appeals to clients who want to maintain their brunette vibe with a little excitement. The soft roots and maximum contrast through the lengths give fun vibes without the maintenance.

The raw look of the lightness throughout the body of the colour lends itself to being a low-maintenance colour. Pair with a soft root and it’s a perfect combo! Avoiding any harsh lines around the face and ensuring you have a soft root, will keep this look classy. Also, don’t over colour!  Keep enough of the natural brunette there and this will really make this technique pop.



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