Trend Alert – The Bell Bottom Bob

The Bell Bottom Bob is a chic and on-trend hairstyle that has been gaining popularity among celebrities.  ELEVEN Australia’s Cut & COLOUR Educator Ben Nott shares everything you need to know about this latest trend.

The Bell Bottom Bob is a testament to the recurring nature of fashion, drawing inspiration from the iconic flared jeans of the 70s, this trend made its last appearance in the 90’s. This style is characterized by its distinctive outward flick at the ends, reminiscent of the bell-bottom shape. It’s a versatile cut that can be adapted for various hair lengths, from chin to shoulder and is particularly suited for one-length bobs with minimal layering.

The key to achieving the perfect Bell Bottom Bob lies in the styling technique. Starting with a rough dry at the top ensures the hair is directed from root to tip, the perfect styling product for this is  ELEVEN Australia I Want Body Foam which creates lift and hold, while the use of a round brush on the mid-lengths can vary the finish from messy and undone to sleek and polished. The final touch, the bell bottom flick, is created by drying the hair upwards from beneath, which can be further defined with velcro rollers or a flat iron for a more dramatic effect.

As fashion shifts away from the long, beachy waves that have been prevalent, the Bell Bottom Bob offers a fresh and modern take on short hairstyles, turning what could be an unruly flick into a stylish statement. It’s a creative adaptation that celebrates individuality and the art of hairstyling.

Hair Cut – Joey Scandizzo
Hair Colour – Ben Nott
Photographer – Andrew O’Toole
Model Agency _ Black Bird Cage

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