What makes a Brunette Expensive?

In Conversation with ELEVEN Australia Brand Artist Paul Denison talking about making your Brunette clientele stand out

What is an ‘expensive brunette’?

An Expensive Brunette is a rich cool mahogany that does not have an orange undertone to it. The range glow that can sometimes happen comes from when you shift the hair exposing an undercoat of warmth, it tends to look like an orange band which looks like the sun is behind you. I always use an Ash tone to create this type of tone and find expensive-looking brunettes are more on the cooler side maybe with a mahogany undertone, like a .53 with a .1, these will sit a lot nicer than if you have maybe than .3 or .4. The key to it is NOT have a consistent colour from root to tip and having more tonal variation through the ends, I tend to add a backwash balayage to create a multi-tonal effect.

What are the benefits of highlighting your brunette services to your clients e.g. standing out from the crowd in your marketing?

Anyone can put a box dye on their hair but creating a colour that is multional and expensive is an art. Talk to your clients through your email list and social media and share what the process of the colour service is. Treat the description like a menu, and share that you will be finishing the hair with a gloss which will enhance the shine and give a multi-tonal finish to the hair.

Are you seeing an increase in clients wanting to enhance their natural colour?

At this time of year, we do tend to see more people wanting to embrace more natural tones, but if you’re thinking of venturing a little bit further down the scale into maybe those rich deep brunettes remember pre-pig the hair to gain longevity of colour and recommend good home care. I still advise my brunette clients to use Keep My Blonde Shampoo every now and then just to help keep that coolness.

What are some trending brunettes that you’re seeing e.g. mushroom brown, ash-brown, bronze, cinnamon spice etc?

I’m not one for colouring someone’s hair to a certain colour just because it is a trend but after the cowgirl copper I am seeing more cooler brunttes being requested. I prefer to recommend colours that are going to suit their skin tone and flatter their eyes.

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