Why offer glossing treatments?

Summer Hair is on the horizon, and we’ve connected with ELEVEN Australia’s Brand Artist, Paul Dennison. He sheds light on the Aussie-inspired glossing trend and the benefits of incorporating it into your salon’s service offerings.

What are the benefits of glossing treatments on a client’s hair, and how often should they be performed to maintain these results?


Glossing is an excellent method for introducing new, commitment-free tones to hair, ideal for reviving existing colours or experimenting with new shades. Depending on the hair’s texture and porosity, glossing can be done every 20 washes.
ELEVEN Australia has introduced two technical products that enhance the longevity of the colour and aid in perfecting the tonal deposit. The Porosity Equaliser Spray not only balances porosity for an even colour application but also ensures the quality of your colour work. To complete the colour service, ELEVEN Australia offers the Colour Lock Spray, which seals the cuticle post-colouring and restores the hair’s normal pH, thereby sealing in the colour for extended longevity.

How do glossing treatments work?

A gloss sits on the outer layer of the hair, adding beautiful shine as well as tone. They are usually performed with a low percentage of peroxide which sits into the cuticle and does not shift the natural hair. The ELEVEN Australia Liquid Demi Permanent COLOUR has a 2% or 4% activator, the 2% is a glossing treatment and the 4% acts as a toner.

Why do you think ‘glossed hair’ is so popular at the moment?

The Aussie trend of lived-in blondes came over and changed the way we coloured hair. It became about “NOT” looking coloured but looking like you stepped off Bondi Beach with skin kissed lived in tones. This introduced the low commitment colour to the UK and ELEVEN Australia is the perfect colour brand to have to create those true Aussie tones.

How can glossing treatments attract new clients to the salon?

One of the main reasons clients shy away from colouring their hair is due to hair damage. Introducing glossing allows you to give no-commitment colour, there is also a big trend of glass hair at the moment and glossing can also be done without adding tone to the hair and just using a clear gloss.

How would you pitch a glossing treatment to an existing client?

Glossing treatments are great for client retention, it enables you to change the tones on every visit. Small changes of tones to us as a hairstylists are small but to our clients can be a big change. Adding warmer soft coppers in the winter and beige blondes in the summer will get them returning over and over again. It’s a simple as let’s add a seasonal refresh tone to your service this visit.


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