Yellow Professional Care Range

A range of Shampoos, Conditioners, Treatments, and Oils that offer solutions to all hair types and conditions.


Happiness starts with your head! The line is designed for everyone, for every scalp need. For a balanced scalp and vibrant hair, which also protects against the effect of pollution.


Anti-hair loss shampoo. Stimulates from the root giving body to the hair.


Intensive anti-hair loss treatment. Strengthens & thickens the hair from the root as well as prolonging the hairs life.


Soothing shampoo for Sensitive skin. Gently cleanses, Effectively counteracting itching and reddening. Apply on wet hair and scalp. Massage gently and leave on for 1-2 minutes, then rinse.


Soothing tonic for sensitive skin to stop itching and redness.


For dry or oily dandruff ‚Äď deeply cleansing, provides relief and reduces reoccurrences.


For oily scalp ‚Äď gently cleanses whilst reducing and controlling sebum production (the cause of oily scalp).


Removes heavy metals & chlorine whilst hydrating the hair as well as giving a new colour lock salon service.

Mixed with Tone-on-

Tone Creator-

after a color service, Detox Cream Perfectly seals the cuticle, Rebalancing the pH of the hair fiber returning it to its optimal level*, and looking its best for longer.


The perfect support for coloured hair, both in-salon and at home. The range enhances and preserves the intensity and shine of the colour over time. Containing Goji Berries original from Tibet, these berries are considered to be an elixir of life. Rich in vitamins, sugars, minerals and proteins, they help slow down oxidation to prolong colour intensity.


Gently cleanses maintaining highlight intensity and shine day after day and eliminates alkaline residue from colour treatment and seals the cuticles.


Regenerates and intensely nourishes coloured hair and helps to prolong highlight intensity and keep hair shiny and soft.

Leave-In Serum

An extraordinary, ultra-light serum that seals cuticles and helps to prolong colour intensity and shine. Protects hair from aggressive external agents, such as heat sources and sunlight. Contains UV filter. Perfect for pre-styling on wet hair or as finishing on dry hair!


The next level of care, with a combination of performance, smoothing texture and fragrance with instant nourishing action for sensitised and very dry hair. Perfect for naturally dry, coarse thick hair that needs moisture.

Containing Argan Oil, renowned the world over for its revitalizing properties, this oil, rich in omega 3, omega 6 and vitamin e, restores the hair’s vitality and silkiness.
Coconut Oil which is an oil highly valued in  Beauty treatments for its nourishing and regenerating powers. The presence of emollients And vitamin e makes it  perfect For providing deep nourishment  To the hair fiber.


Cleanses gently whilst nourishing the hair with moisturizing Argan and  Coconut Oils creating incredible shine and flexibility to the hair.


An amazing moisture bomb even for the driest hair! In just a few minutes,  its rich texture provides an explosion of nourishment, softness and shine.

Leave-in conditioner

A light leave-in conditioner, is ideal for detangling even the driest hair, for long-lasting moisture.


A precious serum full of nourishment and shine that creates a barrier on the hair,  protecting it from humidity and giving you extraordinarily nourished and shiny hair.


Yellow’s line for damaged hair, a delivering Almond protein which works deeply to repair chemically damaged hair, allowing you to offer customised treatments.


The first step towards having strong and flexible hair. As it cleanses gently, it gives your hair a healthy and vital look.


A Versatile, pliable texture cream with multiuse benefits! Use it as a rinse:  perfect for thin hair that needs repair without being weighed down. Use it as a  leave-in:  excellent for normal and/or thick hair that needs repair over 24  hours*.


Substantial formula for in-depth repair from inside out repairs the fibre and seals the cuticle. Your hair looks vital, easier to untangle and luminous.


Liss is dedicated to frizzy and unmanageable hair that needs extra help to achieve perfect long-lasting smoothness, even in extreme conditions.


Its formula gently cleanses and tames even the most unruly hair.


A valuable tool to tame frizzy and rebellious hair. Its delicate texture softens and smoothens the surface of the hair without weighing it down. Suitable for daily use.


A concentrate of active ingredients with smoothing and taming properties, which very frizzy and rebellious hair will not be able to resist to! Its dense texture embraces and deeply nourishes the hair fibre.
Ideal for wavy, naturally straight or chemically straightened hair.


The product our hair can no longer do without! A lightweight leave-in serum which gives the hair 10 benefits in a single product: thermal protection; anti-frizz; anti-humidity;  detangling action; UV protection; taming effect; anti-static effect; prevents split ends;  helps to seal the cuticle, and gives shine.


Easy Long  with Tahitian seaweed to stimulate cell follicle growth-promoting faster hair growth.

Tahitian Seaweed

From the Polynesian sea,  an active ingredient rich in minerals,  vitamins, carotenoids, proteins and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Our Tahitian algae is cultivated in closed photobioreactors -in controlled and stable conditions -In an environmentally friendly way.


It gently cleanses and starts acting on the follicle.


It activates the follicle and creates optimal conditions for faster hair growth. Use it every day for maximum effectiveness.


It works to strengthen and nourish lengths and ends,  for the hair well-being.


Yellow Curls brings out the authentic beauty of your curly or wavy hair. ‚Ā£ Clients are looking for more natural & authentic looks, this has driven a growing demand for products to care for and enhance natural curls. With Mango butter and Baobab oil that gives curls intense moisture, strength, Nutrition and shine.

Say goodbye to frizz – -75% reduction in frizz
The hair is 85% more hydrated
Give -48% volume reduction

Low Shampoo – Sulfate-free formula

Cleanses whilst providing hydration and definition.


Rich in active ingredients to provide intense hydration and definition.


Hydrates and defines natural movement t of the hair. Has a taming effect but will not weigh down the hair.

Leave-in Cream

For fine and wavy hair, hydrates and tames the hair. Lightweight formula.

Leave-in Pudding

For curly to very coily hair. Ultra silky texture that provides definition, intense hydration, and protection.


Anti-frizz booster to be applied before drying to break cast once dry. Provides hydration and shine.

Curl and mould activator

Cream curl activator, gives hold and defines curls.


Looking for the perfect silver range to banish brassy and yellow undertones? For in-salon and home care we have silver shampoo and conditioner, packed with natural vegan ingredients.

Acacia berry

Works internally to neutralise unwanted warm tones

Rose of Jericho

Works externally, creating a shield to protect hair from daily pollution that causes yellowing

Cool blondes are waiting!


Our YELLOW PROFESSIONAL hair care range has been designed to offer solutions for all your clients needs…

  • “My blonde is going brassy” – solution: YELLOW SILVER
  • “My hair just doesn’t grow as long as I’d like” – solution YELLOW EASY LONG
  • “My roots always go oily” – solution YELLOW SCALP
  • “My curls aren’t as defined as I’d like” – solution YELLOW CURLS
  • “I’d love to have really shiny, healthy looking hair” – solution YELLOW STAR
  • “My hair is so frizzy and unmanageable” – solution YELLOW LISS
  • “My colour fades so quickly” – solution YELLOW COLOR CARE
  • “My hair is damaged” – solution YELLOW REPAIR
  • “My hair is naturally so dry” – solution YELLOW NUTRITIVE

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