Educator Showcase – Douglas Reid

At Wonderful Brands we are very lucky to work with a wide array of friendly, talented, and hard working individuals. Many of which are part of our Education Team. One individual whose hard work and deadication we are very grateful and want to showcase is Douglas Reid. Continue reading to find out how Dougie got to the amazing place he is today…

How long have you been in hairdressing and what first made you want to enter into the world of hair?

I’ve been in the hair industry now since the age of 13, I was very fortunate that my uncle was a salon owner and a hairdressing college tutor. I started working there at the weekends just to earn a little more money but it was only once I was there that I was amazed how somebody could come in with one colour and leave with another AND leave with a smile and confident boost, At that moment in time, it had me hooked and the career I wanted to go into. I was so lucky to have the support, industry knowledge and encouragement around me from my uncle and also my mum who is in the beauty industry. I’ve enjoyed every aspect of my career from assisting, employment, self employment, travelling the world and now to being a salon owner and educator.

How did your journey with ELEVEN Australia begin?

My journey started back in 2016 when I was living and working in Melbourne in Australia which when I was first introduced to the ELEVEN Australia styling range and attended many events alongside Creative Director Joey Scandizzo.

It wasn’t until our UK lockdown in 2020 came when I applied and became part of the Eleven Australia Collective Group. Being part of the Eleven Collective group was designed to become social media savvy, meet like minded people, receive swag bags every month full of Eleven products and build a great relationship with everyone behind the brand.

Fast forward from then, Eleven Australia Colour was launched and I just knew I had to have it and it certainly didn’t disappoint! Just like the styling range…

All while being animal cruelty free and vegan friendly!

Now I’m an in-salon educator for Eleven Colour which has always been a dream and goal of mine, to be able to share my passion and knowledge with other stylists and represent a brand I’m equally passionate about and also showcase my Eleven Colour work live on the HJ colour stage at Salon International 2022.

Colour is a massive part of your salon and also your education, what tips can you share to take away the fear factor of salons thinking about trying ELEVEN Australia COLOUR?

The biggest tip that I can share about ELEVEN COLOUR that would take away the fear would be the ELEVEN community! There are endless ways in which you can reach out and learn such as having myself or our other amazing educators come out and educate you on everything you need to know about the colour from ingredients, application, consultations and live models which can be found on the Wonderful Brands social and website.

You could even give the brand’s educators a follow on their Instagram socials where you can find techniques and formula’s. If you follow #elevenformula this is a great way to see how certain shades look.

Eleven also occasionally have free webinars over zoom that you can attend for free at the comfort of your own home, any upcoming webinars can be found on the ELEVEN COLOUR socials.

DIGI is something very unique to ELEVEN COLOUR – DIGI is our online digital friend who  is there to help you with anything to do with ELEVEN colour. DIGI isn’t a generic robot, DIGI is a fully qualified colourist who knows the brand inside out and can be used for any tips, queries, formula’s and answers to either messages or pictures.

Another big tip would be to send ELEVEN COLOUR a direct message, speak about your interests in the colour and of the account managers would be in touch with you. Its definitely a simple to use but high performing colour line.

What have you learnt from becoming and educator?

The biggest thing I’ve learnt about becoming an educator is that education doesn’t stop at college level. Hairdressing is one of the fastest evolving industries whether that be ingredients, techniques, the way we see and approach every day scenarios and consultations. Education is for all levels of hairdressing and for all levels of confidence, the way we see education now is about evolving and trying to be the best we can be for ourselves and clients. Education isn’t about not being good enough but about growth and the only way we grow is by is learning something we didn’t know. It’s such a great feeling coming away knowing something and having that confidence boost and it’s such a humbling feeling being an educator when a stylist has taken something away with them.

What is your advice to anyone that wants to get into education?

My biggest advice to anyone who wants to get into education is not to compare yourself or feel intimidated to others out there who are already educating. Educating comes in all forms, social media and educational posts are a great way to start, reach out to other educators who inspire you and hear their education journey. Offer your services for free, I’ve shadowed / helped some well known educators on their courses for free to gain experience, knowledge, networking and to learn.

If you want to educate for a brand; Tag them in your social media posts and use educational wording in your caption. Make yourself known by also commenting on their socials and getting involved with anything the brand has to offer … Let them know you’re there. Build a good rapport with them and know as much as the brand as possible such as product knowledge and be committed to show your commitment and support to the brand.

In three words describe yourself…

Driven, Ambitious, Creative

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