ELEVEN Australia Cocktail Hour

with Melvin Royce Lane

If you missed our last Cocktail hour of the year don’t worry we have you covered!

Learn about the ELEVEN Australia range and Melvin’s favourite cocktails (we do mean products, Melvin is a champagne kind of guy). Cocktail hours are our favourite sessions and always learn a few extra styling tips each time, if you don’t have an hour spare we have put together our 11 must-know tips below.

Our 11 must-know tips of the session

  1. Smooth Me Now – Traditional Thermal Sprays only protect and ELEVEN Australia wanted to create something that has a dual purpose. It has Hydrolysed Quinoa to hydrate the hair as well as Agran Oil to add a beautiful shine. You will get protection and a frizz-free finish. It’s perfect for those damp days ahead.
  2. Keep My Blonde Toning Spray – Protects up to 220° Remember to shake before use. It can be used on wet or dry hair. On dry it has more toning ability.
  3. Frizz-free and defined curls – Curls need moisture to make them happy. Cocktail Keep my Curl Cream and Smooth and Shine Serum together and for more hold cocktail Medium Hold Styling Cream.
  4. Glass Hair – Blowdry with Smooth Me Know Thermal Spray and Frizz Control Shaping Cream. Once dry spray on a light mist of Smooth Me Now Spray and Iron for a glass finish
  5. Bouncy Blow – The LA blowdry
    Cocktail Medium styling cream and Smooth Me Now Cream, you will feel the grip in your hand, make sure you thoroughly work the product through the hair by twisting in and not just coating the top of the head. You want the hair to slip through the brush but have that resistance. Use Dry Finish Wax Spray to seal.
  6. Frizzy Hair – This is perfect for someone who has wavy/frizzy hair and wants to achieve a smooth finishStart with Miracle treatment like always and mix together Frizz Control Shaping Cream (this has lanolin which adds moisture to the hair) and Smooth & Shine.
  7. Waves enhancement – Controlling and enhancing waves are different, you need to provide the hair with lots of moisture. Cocktail Keep My Curl, has Avocado Oil which will soften and add suppleness and cocktailed with Frizz Control Shaping Cream to add moisture too. Finish with Make Me Shine Spray which acts as an anti-humectant.
  8. Editorial Hair – Wet Look Hair
    Start with damp hair (if the hair is dry just spray with water) Apply slick hold pomade, section my section. More is more with this look. Apply I want Body Foam over the top to seal and form a cocoon and finally seal with Flexible Hold Hairspray Editorial Hair – Dry Finish
    Start with dry hair and cocktail Slick Hold Pomade and Smooth and Shine Serum. This will give separation and a dry wet look. This is great for shorter hair as well as an editorial look. Think 80’s vibe.
  9. Texture, Definition and Shine – How to finish undone waves
    Decant I Want Body Volume Powder into the palm of your hand (do not spray) and cocktail with Smooth and Shine Serum! This creates a gritty texture. Or for thicker hair try Dry Shampoo Volume Paste and Smooth and Shine.
  10. Short hair lived-in texture
    To get a second-day look cocktail Matt Texture Spray ( this is matt and no shine and always contains beeswax which will give you more hold) with medium hold styling cream (medium hold and natural shine). You will get a beautiful sheen and separation on the hair.
  11. Short Hair Styling –
    Traditional clays are hard and not easy to distribute through the hair, the ELEVEN Australia Extra Hold Clay is more creamy and easier to use. It has Lanoin and Beeswax. If you want more of a sheen cocktail with Smoot and finish, it makes it feel really silky and gives more separation


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