ELEVEN Australia COLOUR at Salon International

What a weekend!  

ELEVEN Australia has just spent the weekend at Salon International. If you did not manage to catch up with us a Salon International this weekend don’t fear we will share everything that you missed for this action-packed weekend. 

This year ELEVEN Australia COLOUR was at the Hairdressers Journal Colour stage area for 3 days, sharing inspiration, colour formulas, techniques and our newly launched Permanent Colour. 

Read more to discover who was on stage and learn about the beautiful colour work they produced. 


Kicking off the weekend on the Saturday were our amazing ELEVEN Australia Educators Josh Lee, Zoe Rees and Pam Cooney.

First up was Josh Lee, an ELEVEN Australia Educator from Cardiff sharing his foilage technique and creating a beautiful lived-in blonde using 9 Levels Lightener with 6% / 20 Vol and toned with 9VM / 9.35 + 2% activator. 

Next up was Zoe Rees ELEVEN Australia Educator from Bliss Hair Therapy Birmingham who created the most beautiful blonde without using a lightener. 

This soft, beige blonde was created using our NEW Ultra High Lift Blonde in the ELEVEN Australia Permanent range – 11.20 / 11.VA + 30 Vol / 9%. Zoe also added in some foils for depth using 7NG / 7.03 + 2% in the liquid Demi Permanent range. There was no root tap or toner used to create the look. Zoe added that sometimes as colourists we are far too quick to reach for the powder lighter, using the ELEVEN Australia Ultra High Lift blondes you can achieve the results and it is a really nice alternative to lift and tone.

The final ELEVEN Australia Educator of the day was Pam Cooney from Clay Salon in Birmingham, Pam stole the afternoon at the show with this breathtaking Copper using the ELEVEN Australia Permanent range. The kaleidoscope of copper seamlessly blended into beautiful pale butterscotch which revealed hidden copper gems as it moved. 

Pam started the process by mapping out her colour placement by analysing the natural base and sectioning the hair to allow her to transition from one tone to another easily.  

Global root application 6.4 / 6.C & 6% 20 Vol
Colour blocking in the nape of the neck, 6.4 / 6C + 6% /20 Vol
Ocipital Bone to below the crown 6.4 / 6C + Orange Concentrate + 6% / 20 vol
Crown 6.4 / 6C + Gold Concentrate + 6% / 20 Vol
Top of the head 7.44 / 7CC + Orange concentrate + 9% / 30 Vol
FaceFrame 8.56 / 8.MR + 9.34 / 9.GC + 12Vol / 40 Vol 


Traditionally THE day at salon International! We were ready with a fantastic line-up of Educators and Guest Artists. Joining us on the pod to share her wisdom with the visitors was Katie Groves, our first ELEVEN Australia educator and all-around colour guru.  

Sharing their inspiration first was Douglas Reid from R&R Southport, who really does not need an introduction, Dougie has been educating for the brand for 1 year now and consistently shared his inspiration and colour formulas on social media. Dougie’s first model was a beautiful Aussie-inspired blonde using the Ultra High Lift Blondes. Dougie wanted to create a try lived-in blonde that looked like his model had his hair naturally lightened by the sun and salt water of Australia.

His Formula was 11.VA / 11.21 + 12% / 40Vol 

Dougie’s second look was far from a lived-in Blonde, this look was inspired by the ELEVEN Australia cutting collection – Undertone which Dougie cut before the show. The hair was pre-lightened using 7 Levels of Lift global application + 6% / 20 Vol and Glossed using the Demi-Permanent Liquid colours 10 VA / 10. 21 & 9. AA / 9.11 + 4% / 13 Vol. Using a very careful and slightly nerve-racking tipping technique LIVE at salon international he tipped with 1.N / 1.0 + 3% / 10 Vol. This certainly was a crowd puller and had everyone holding their breath whilst is was being rinsed off! 

Our first guest artist was Charlotte Roberts from Layered Collective on the Wirral. Charlotte shared an alternative to a balayage with a brunette, she shared that her model constantly struggles with the unwanted warmth when getting her hair coloured and that the Liquid Demi Permanent range was the perfect colour as she was able to control the undercoat using the 2% activator and using the newly launched 6MT & 6A to control the top and top and used the 4GM / 4.35 on the underneath sections to add the chocolate tones. Late on in the day, Charlotte created a second look using our 9 levels lightener + 6% / 20 Vol with her go-to face frame section technique. 

We were super excited to have the amazing Emma Simmons on our pod as a guest artist the weekend. Emma is a BHA finalist for North-Eastern Hairdresser of the Year and brought 3 of her wigs from her collection to the show which were coloured with ELEVEN Australia permanent COLOUR, which was showcased on the Colour Pod and also on stage during her presentation. 

Emma’s first model, Ethan was 11 VN + 12% and triangular sections of 11VA + 12% to create a natural blonde without using lightener.

Her second model Grace who also featured in Emma’s collection was a more technical colour placement
Foils – 20g 9VM + 1g 6RR & 8V and 8A equal parts. With a global application 1 part 5VV and 2 parts 5AA + 8 parts clear with 2%


This is an exciting day at Salon International as it welcomes thousands of students through the doors as well as salons and stylists. It is great to get the opportunity to inspire the future of our industry.  

First up on the Colour pod was Ben Nott who wowed us with his perfect Foilage technique and tip out showing how to overcome the dreaded box dye situation.

He first added in a face-frame technique with a mixture of small and chunky weaves with 7 Levels of Lift powder lightener + 10 Vol / 3% with a freehand tip out and freehand balayage using the 6 Levels lay Powder lightener + a scoup of 9 Levels Powder Lightener to boost the lifting capabilities 3:1 + 12% / 40 Vol. Ben had all the visitors watching swooning over his beautiful placement and his perfectionism. 

He later transformed the same model using the new ELEVEN Australia Permanent colour, he used around the hairline/face frame – Root 6.43 / 6.CG + 7.44 . 7.CC + 6% / 20 Vol and glosses the ends with 9.33 /9GG + 9.4 / 9.C + 4% / 13 Vol the rest of the hair – roots 6.43 + 7.44 and glossed with 7CC + 9CC + 4% / 13 Vol. 

The incredibly talented Annabelle Arnold was in the hot seat next with her first model. Coming from a sizzling summer where bright blondes were the must-have colour of the season and now transitioning to a more muted blonde, Annabelle showed how to easily transform your bright blondes to a more Autumn palette without them feeling too dark. 

First Annabelle applied a root colour using the Liquid demi Permanent range 2/3 7GM/ 7.35 + 1/3 6MT / 6.7 + 2%, then lowlighted with ½ 8GA / 8.31 + ½ 7. GM / 7.35 + 4%. Glossed with 2/3 10GA / 10.31 + 1/3 10G + 10GM / 10.35 +2%.

Mixing it up with her second model Annabelle wanted to show how to add colour to her model subtly. His natural base was a level 5 and did not want to look blonde, the desired result was to look like he had been surfing this summer and to add a natural sun-kissed effect. Annabelle applied scattered foils with a concentration at the front to create the sun-kissed effect and used 8.GR / 8.36 + 12% 40Vol. 

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