ELEVEN Australia Holiday 2022 Merchandising Guide

Read on to find out some of our amazing tips and tricks on how to sell ELEVEN Australia X Viscaya Wagner Holiday 2022 through in your salon…


Every year parents buy gifts for teachers at their kids nursery and school, why not suggest they buy an Eleven Australia Bon Bon or Trio Pack instead of the standard wine and chocolates!


Stylists should ask clients if  they have Christmas gifts to  buy, naturally the answer will be ‘yes’ which gives them the opportunity to suggest the Eleven Australia Trio Packs, Bon Bons or maybe a Limited Edition Rose Gold Miracle Hair Treatment.


Use the front desk to create an impulse purchase area, hang Christmas stockings and fill with Eleven Australia products. Stack packs and Bon Bons for instant impact. Use a chalkboard to make the display stand out and highlight the price.


Be sure to ask your clients if  they are involved in a Secret  Santa or Kris Kringle this year.  Most people are involved in at least one and will have a budget for the gift they have to buy. Whether the budget is £10 or £50 you have them covered with an Eleven Australia!


Incentivise your team to sell Christmas packs! For every pack the team member sells they get a ticket and write their name on it, the tickets are collected in a box and once all the packs are sold you draw 3 tickets out of the box and award the prizes to lucky winners.

The more packs they sell leads to more tickets which gives them more chances of winning a prize! You could also do 2 tickets for a trio pack and one for any other  ELEVEN product. Ask your rep about incentive prize ideas.


Incentivise your clients to purchase packs! Create 2 seperate prizes, this could be one major prize and one minor prize e.g. full hair makeover as major prize and wash and  blow dry with apprentice as minor prize. This could also be restricted so it doesn’t impact  on your busy trading times e.g. redeemable Monday to  Thursday before 5pm. When a client buys a pack they get a ticket and write their name on it and the tickets are collected in a box. The tickets are drawn and prize  winners announced before the salon closes for Christmas.


Consider a value add promotion such as purchase 3 Eleven Australia trio packs and  receive 1 Bon Bon FREE or maybe a FREE salon treatment! Maybe include a salon gift voucher in each pack to gain new clients in the new year.


Create a full, sensory experience in the salon to boost Christmas pack sales. Push the ‘CHRISTMAS’  theme across all areas of the salon e.g. offer seasonal drinks,  get that Christmas playlist going (personally we love a reggae Christmas song – listen to our Spotify playlist here), burn candles that have a festive fragrance.

Literally add the sense of holiday wherever possible in the salon and with the focal point being the Eleven Australia Holiday pack display everything will make  sense! Use social media to promote the holistic experience you have created by pushing a tag line like: Your Christmas starts at ‘SALON NAME’.


Hide a ‘golden ticket’ in one (or more) of the Eleven Australia holiday packs, the ticket would entitle the  client to a prize of some sort. We recommend doing a value add prize such as ‘Get a blow dry at SALON NAME and receive a complimentary Eleven Australia in salon treatment’.

This would encourage clients to purchase more holiday packs and could potentially generate new business if someone receives a holiday pack with a golden ticket as a gift!


If you have a salon software programme where you can access each clients purchase history you can be prepared with the best holiday packs for that client e.g. Sarah is booked in for her usual cut and colour and she has purchased Eleven Australia Smooth Me Now shampoo and conditioner in her last few visits, the stylist should have the Smooth Trio at the station to show it to Sarah when she comes in. This shows your client that you know what they like and have taken the  time to set it aside for them, the client feels valued that you have thought about them before they have arrived in the salon.


Encourage clients to share photos of themselves with the Eleven Australia holiday packs and tag the salon, e.g. a picture of them with their fresh hair and ELEVEN Australia Trio pack.

Have a prize for the best photo, it could be an Eleven Australia brush or product of their choice. User generated content makes the person feel like they are part of something and supports word of mouth marketing.


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