ELEVEN Australia Tubs Refresh

Pastes, pomades and everything in between. The ELEVEN Australia tubs will see you right, no matter your hairstyle of choice.

We asked our Wonderful Brands Account Manager’s what their favourite ELEVEN Australia Styling Tubs are and why…

Beki Garrod  says “ELEVEN Australia Slick Hold Styling Pomade is great for the slick ponytail or the love island slick and long hair style. I also love the Matte Texture Styling Paste, it’s amazing for any hair length with layers, as it helps to create masses of texture!”

Beki also advises that the Medium Hold Styling Cream is the perfect product to use for some gentle hold when blow-drying. With Dry Shampoo Volume Paste acting as the best product for that next day styling, giving loads of volume at the root.

Wales’s finest, Jo Hughes, is also a big lover of the Dry Shampoo Volume Paste. She says “it’s 3 products in one tub – body powder, paste and dry shampoo! It’s her go to product to remove oils and give that next day feel to your hair.”

All the ELEVEN Australia styling tubs can be used across a wide variety of hair type. With her natural big curls Hayley Richards is a big champion for the ELEVEN Australia Medium Hold Styling Cream. This is her go to to cocktail with the ELEVEN Australia Keep My Curl Cream, “it adds more control, hold and helps to enhance my natural curls.”

John-Paul Shirley-Price says that with the ELEVEN Australia styling tubs you can use the same hair for different looks. John-Paul recommends hair stylists  to “train your clients, to use different tubs to create different looks. Clients can mix and match their hair with their outfit!”

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