How can colourists fix a blocky ombré?

We all have those clients that come into salon with a blocky ombre. And, we all know the fear that starts to sink in when you are challenged with the task of “fixing it”. Here’s what ELEVEN Australia Katie Grove’s had to say on her approach on taking on a blocky ombre with ELEVEN Australia Colour

When tackling a blocky ombré/balayage, lowlights are your friend. Start by adding some highlights through the top to soften the transition from dark to light. ELEVEN Australia lightener contains bond complex to protect and add strength allowing you to be able to protect the hair whilst lightening.

Next, go back through with your lowlight. The ELEVEN Australia Demi has been my savour! Having the ability to lowlight with a demi in a foil has given me a whole new dimension of colouring. The luminosity and shine helps break up any harsh lines and help balance the overall look.

TOP TIP – leave the very ends out of the lowlight to maintain brightness at the tips!

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