How to Boost Salon Profits…

…and Reduce Your Colour Bill with YELLOW PROFESSIONAL Vegan Hair Colour

As a salon owner, finding ways to increase profits and reduce costs has become a priority, in our January 2023 survey 72% of hair salon owners told us that reducing costs was their number one priority for the year. One of the biggest outlays for any salon is their colour and many don’t realise that they could half their colour bill without compromising on service or results.


YELLOW PROFESSIONAL vegan hair colour is THE ideal solution for any salon looking to reduce costs whilst delivering WOW results for their clients.  YELLOW PROFESSIONAL vegan hair colour is a high-performance product that is specifically designed for professional use. It is formulated with natural ingredients, which are gentle on the hair and scalp, providing excellent colour results with maximum coverage.

A compact range of colours that allows you to offer an unlimited range of bespoke colours, the whole range can be transformed into a true demi-permanent colour using our simple additive and hero product, Tone-on-Tone Creator. All this means you need less stock, so not only can you reduce your colour bill per service, you can also reduce cash tied up in stock. Switching to YELLOW PROFESSIONAL could be the best decision you make this year!

Cost Savings for Salons

To see what you can save download our colour calculator here: DOWNLOAD COLOUR SAVINGS CALCULATOR


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