How To Stop Yourself From Burning Out In The Hairdressing Industry…

We have teamed up with Hayley Jepson – The Resilient Hairdresser to find out how you can stop yourself from Burning out in the hairdressing industry.

Hayley said “For hairdressers I feel burnout is always lurking, waiting for you to stop paying attention, so I think learning what self care you need and getting good with boundaries is something worth working on alongside your hair skills.”

Burnout is sadly common in our industry.

Here are 5 signs you are heading to burnout and 5 things you can do about it.

  1. Feeling resentful is a big one. Feeling resentful of your clients or maybe your friends who seem to have an easier time of it than you.
  2. Feeling joyless, nothing is fun anymore. Feeling very serious about everything, this is a big sign of overwhelm.
  3. Exhausted, there’s never enough sleep.
  4. Isolating yourself. This can be because you are exhausted but also so people don’t ask you for anything as you have nothing left to give.
  5. Not looking after yourself how you once did. So for example not going to the gym any more or making as much effort with your appearance as you usually do.

What can you do?

  1. Accept you are overwhelmed and on the way to burnout.
  2. Understand you can’t do more to get out of this, you must do less.
  3. Ask for help where you can to reduce responsibilities for a while.
  4. Identify what you feel resentful about and see if there are boundaries you can put in to change this situation.
  5. Make time for fun as it will fill your cup and help give you perspective on your work life.

It is possible to get out of burnout by making changes and prioritising your mental and physical health.

Sometimes you need to say no to someone to say yes to yourself.

If you would like to learn more or book some time with Hayley head over to our Wonderful Brands Education Book or to Home – The Resilient Hairdresser

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