Introducing Bio Ionic Smart-X…

The SMART-X™ High Efficiency Dryer dries hair 75% faster*, using more air pressure and less heat for an overall healthier dry.

Its breakthrough SMART-X™ Technology automatically balances air and temperature 100x per second to ensure consistency for maximum efficiency. Plus, advanced smart features including 3 speed and 3 heat settings with auto-memorization allow you to personalize your styling experience. A self-cleaning function makes styling quick and easy, while prolonging the life of your dryer.

BIO IONIC Moisturizing Heat™ Technology hydrates hair from the inside out by emitting natural negative ions that allow water molecules to penetrate deep into strands. Hair is left softer, shinier and smoother.

*Compared to leading competitor

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BIO IONIC SMART-X High Efficiently Dryer…

Dries hair 75% faster*

  • 4 heat and 3 speed settings, 12 custom settings, with auto-memory for personalised styling
  • Self-cleaning function, with auto-alert, to deter passage of dirt particles to motor and hair
  • Weighs 0.34kg — lightweight and compact without any compromise to professional-quality performance.
  • Exit air pressure more than 20% higher allows you to dry hair quickly and with less heat needed
  • Compact barrel design allows for precision styling
  • Cool shot button
  • Proprietary mineral complex infused delivers moisturising heat to protect against damage
    & breakage
  • Brushless EC Digital Micro Motor is more durable, with 10,000-hour motor life
  • Breakthrough Smart-X technology auto measures heat and air flow 100x per second to prevent damaging heat spikes and make more energy efficient

*Compared to leading competitor

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