Introducing Velecta Paris…

You’ve all been asking us, and now we are here to answer all your professional hairdryer needs! So, let us introduce you to Velecta Paris…

Velecta Paris are the number one global brand of professional hair dryers made in France. Since 1936, Velecta® Paris has designed, manufactured and marketed ultra-efficient, eco-responsible hair dryers for the whole world that respect the working conditions of the most demanding professionals.

Here at Wonderful Brands we are giving you the opportunity to have the Revolution 2.2 i hairdryer in your salon. This dryer is a marvel of innovation, combining top technology, a maximum power of 2200 watts and a light signature that amplifies the focus and skills of professional users.

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Velecta have created their own in house research and development unit, to be able to bring hairdressers innovative and genuinely efficient products known for their longevity.

Velecta ® Paris professional hair dryers are 100% made in France, from the design and manufacture phase right through to product packaging. You are therefore guaranteed a hair dryer of irreproachable quality.


Velecta Paris Revolution 2.2 i


Ultra high power for quick precision styling. This superbly designed hairdryer boasts ideal ergonomics it is compact, lightweight, and perfectly balanced.

The Revolution 2.2 i is equipped with a ground breaking light function and a wide range of features in its ultra small form factor, such as adjustable blowing speeds and temperatures, a digital brushless motor, a cold air button, anti frizz ionic technology, an easy clip nozzle, and a cool touch nozzle.

The Revolution 2.2i instantly adds a spectacular touch to your styling, making it a state-of-the-art experience. It’s ‘Light +’ feature helps you to harness your expert eye thanks to a light ring that stimulates natural light. In addition, it’s multiple light effects allow you to showcase your amazing technique and spotlight your expertise.

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