Bio Ionic Smart-X Diffuser

Compatible with the SMART-X™ High Efficiency Dryer

Experience another element of styling control with the SMART-X™ Diffuser. Compatible with the SMART-X™ High Efficiency Dryer, the SMART-X™ Diffuser broadens and reduces airflow from the dryer evenly, to gently dry, define, and reduce frizz in naturally textured hair. Evenly spaced, tapered fingers also separate hair to lift and shape its natural texture. The result: Beautifully defined curls and waves with a better-than-air-dried finish.

Attach to the barrel of SMART-X™ High Efficiency Dryer and adjust the temperature setting to low or medium. Start at the ends. Gently scoop large amounts of hair into diffuser, allowing natural curls to form. Work slowly up to the root, gently massaging your hair in a circular motion with the diffuser’s fingers. Hold each section in place for several seconds before moving on to the next section. Continue until the hair is dry.

Key Benefits

  • Lift, shape, and enhance natural texture with gentle, dispersed airflow
  • Tapered fingers gently separate curls or waves to create defined texture
  • Compatible with SMART-X™ High Efficiency Dryer