Salon Retail Made Simple!

11 tips for retail success.

We hear it all the time “I just don’t like selling!” or “I’m here to cut and style hair, I’m not in sales.” yet we know that not only does retail bring in more revenue & profit for the salon, many studies have shown that a salon client that purchases retail will remain a client longer than those that don’t.

Time for a simple mind set switch, you are not here to sell, you are here to share your expert knowledge and ensure your clients hair looks on point between appointments. Here Andy Campling shares his 11 simple strategies to improve your retail, follow one or two and your retail will improve, implement all 11 and we guarantee you will be a salon retail rock star!

TIP #1 – Don’t Sell!

Recommend & Educate your clients about what products you’re using in their hair and why you’re using them. This builds a positive rapport and trust with your clients, meaning they may not buy from you the first or second time you do their hair but they probably will on the 3rd or 4th! Consistency and persistence is the key to generating regular sales. To get real impact tell them about why you love the product or how it transformed another clients hair after they started using the product.

I love Miracle Hair Treatment, it’s the perfect base to protect your hair before styling.


TIP #2 – Show Them!

Place the Testers in front of your client in a subtle manner as you use them in their hair. Encourage  them to pick it up and have a read/look. Fragrances are big drivers of purchase with all beauty products, how often do clients say “oh, that smells amazing!” – smell brings good memories like holidays and make us more likely to buy. Touch Marketing – If  you can get your customer to put that product in their hand  for 20 seconds or more it’s 90% sold!

TIP #3 – Start a Retail Chat

During your Consultation ask your client what products they are using at home and whether they are happy with them? If they are happy with them you should still present the appropriate products for their hair that you stock in your salon and say “Unfortunately we don’t stock those products here but these are the products I will be using in your today.
Ask your client questions about their hair. If you can get your client to open up to you about their hair issues then you have an open pathway to solve the clients issues with the appropriate retail products.

Salons that retail have a much higher client retention rate than those that don’t. The client feels that the stylist genuinely cares about the condition of their hair and therefore they have less reason to want to explore other salon options.

TIP #4 – Tick Sheet

Use Consumer Brochures that list all the products you use, like the ones ELEVEN Australia provide. Present a brochure to every one of your clients, either at the cutting chair or at the checkout, and circle or star the products you have used. It not only gives your client more incentive to purchase during the consultation but it can give them something to look at when they get home and will increase your chances of a sale when you next cut, colour or style their hair.

TIP #5 – Always Offer

Always give your Client the Opportunity to purchase during checkout. This links all of the above together. If you don’t give them the opportunity the next person (or the dreaded internet!) will and you have missed your chance and lost a sale that should have been yours.

TIP #6 – Put a Price on it!

Put the Retail Price on your Salon Use Products, clients often have no idea what the price of professional hair products will be so are too afraid to ask. Equally as a stylists its hard to remember all the prices and sometimes it just slips are mind to talk price. When clients know the price of a product upfront they are more inclined to purchase.

Ask your Wonderful Brands Account Manager for price stickers, they are free to all our salons.

TIP #7 – Use them on Your Own Hair

Know and use your Retail Products on your own Hair. This is the best way to learn what they do and get comfortable with them. When you discover which Eleven Australia products work well for you, you will be boasting
about how amazing they are to your clients and in turn create a sale.

TIP #8 – Show off!

Point of Sale is Key, the brand needs maximum presence to shine. ELEVEN Australia is marketed amazingly well with loads of  merchandising material. It only takes one poster or image to trigger a client’s memory about a product or a brand they want to buy because they saw it on a social media page or in their favourite magazine. Keep your retail shelves, hot spots & styling stations presented perfectly at all time.

TIP #9 – Never Assume…

Really Never Assume a customer wont buy product from you because of the way they look or talk. It’s often the most unassuming clients who may become your best retail customer. Every client deserves to know what you are using and why you are using it.

TIP #10 – Lookin’ Good, Good Looking!

Take Pride in Your Appearance. Take the time before work each day to make sure you look your best, & the salon looks great too. We are in an industry where image is important. You wouldn’t trust a bare faced or badly made up MUA so why should your clients trust a stylist who doesn’t make the effort to look their best each day.

TIP #11 – Get Sorted

Be Organised and Keep Your Stock Levels up. We all curse Amazon, Beauty Websites and supermarkets for selling well known hair products but there is a reason they do so well. They always run high stock levels and present the product well. They also know there clients well and make recommendations based on their behaviour, checking how clients are getting on with the product you recommended on their last visit will help you continue to offer unbeatable support. Using your knowledge and staying on top of stock means you will never lose a sale.

We offer retail training for salons, ask your Wonderful Brands Account Manager if you would like to book an in-salon session.

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