Super Size your Salon Retail with Mini’s!

Mini Products are not just for Travel.

OK, we know they are great for travel and who doesn’t take miniature versions of their favourite hair & beauty products with them when they go on holiday or for that chic weekend break. But, we know that stocking travel size shampoo’s, conditioners and styling products can ignite your salon retail, so here are some top reasons we believe you wont regret stocking these pocket sized beauties…

Before we get started we need to thank Stella at Lux Loughborough for the picture 📸 and for making the most of ELEVEN Australia mini’s in her beautiful salon. All of the ideas below will help you grow your salon retail but they will work much better if you ensure you are carrying stock of each of the ELEVEN Australia mini size products and are displaying them beautifully in a salon HOT SPOT like the reception desk. Ask your Wonderful Brands Account Manager for ideas to help you get this right and be sure to check out our latest promotions to give you some inspo to drive your retail.

A Great Way for Clients to Try

You’ve created that stunning layered cut and styled it using your favourite I Want Body Texture Spray but your client just isn’t sure that she will use it then recommend taking home a mini first. With a much smaller investment this is a great way for clients to try out a new product.

Something for the Gym Bunny

With over 15% of the UK population going to the gym regularly many clients are looking for products to keep in their gym bag. Whether it’s Deep Clean Clarifying Shampoo for that post workout shower or Give Me Clean Hair Dry Shampoo for a quick style fix, mini products are a great solution.

Business Travellers Best Friend

Whether its a quick trip with an overnight stay in the UK or your client is travelling overseas they will be looking to pack light and avoid that wait for hold luggage at the airport, our minis are all designed to fit in your hand luggage and are under 100ml so can be taken through airport security.

GWP, that’s Gift With Purchase

We are all used to shops offering promotions and one that is particularly effective is the GWP.

Think about your last visit to a beauty counter, were you tempted to buy that new primer because you were offered a free mini moisturiser? We all love something for nothing! What about the free moisturiser, did you love it? Oh, you bought a full size one on your next visit.

This is the kind of activity you can copy in salon and it will really drive your retail sales. For example you could offer a free mini styling product when you a shampoo & conditioner.

Or a Salon Service Promotion

Just like the GWP you can use mini’s to grow your salon services and build retail at the same time. How about offering a free mini product when you rebook today? This will help boost your rebook % and you will see your retail grow as clients are more likely to after trying and seeing the benefits.

Don’t forget to ask how they got on with their mini product when they return to the salon.

And Yes! Holidays too

Are you going anywhere nice for your holidays this year

It’s the conversation that always comes up just be sure to use the opportunity to mention…

We have some great mini products that are ideal for holidays


We offer retail training for salons and can help you make the most of mini products, ask your Wonderful Brands Account Manager to help you grow your retail.

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