Warm Colours are Back!

Cool tones have been popular for several seasons, but now warm shades are back in vogue!

Blondes become more natural, browns are softer with chestnut undertones and reds have started to evolve into warmer tones which will become a real statement in the coming seasons.
Black moves towards violet. An unexpectedly wearable shade, which was launched last season, now reappears with a warmer tone.

What are you waiting for? Discover our new and vibrant colours now.

Cool Coppers 6.41 & 8.41

Over the past year, we have seen the rise of copper hair with many blondes transitioning over. Within the Yellow Professional colour portfolio, we have a great range of coppers and our new copper tones .41 are great additions to the range, opening up new hues to play with. Soft Coppers are perfect for Summer as our skin tones warm-up. Copper ash is a perfect tone to compliment Summer days.

Referencing our colour wheel you can see that .1 (Blue/Ash) sits opposite .4 (Orange/Copper) and the Blue/Ash will subdue the Copper giving a result of a girl next door natural copper.

Mahogany Ash 4.51 & 6.51

Our new Mahogany Ash tone .51 will allow you to give your clients an iced chocolate tone and is perfect for your warmer complexion client.

The .5 sits towards the middle of the colour wheel as a warm Mocha. This is used to create chocolate tones like 5.53 Mahogany Gold which is more suited to cooler complexions.

Intense Violets 4.22S & 5.22S

Since launching the 4.22 and 5.22 you have given us feedback that you love the tones but wanted something more intense. The good news is that Yellow Professional have listened and in our new line up of 2023 shades we have ultra-deep Violets 4.22S & 5.22S. This compliments the new intense trend perfectly.

To get the most vibrant Violet we recommend that you pre-lighten the hair. When using the Intense Violets over a base 4 or 5 be mindful of the red undercoat when lifting the hair, this will subdue the violet. To counteract this you can pre-lighten pieces or colour inject (this is done by adding extra colour into your mixture to intensify the tone).


We offer colour education for salons, ask your Wonderful Brands Account Manager if you would like to book an in-salon session or check out our education brochure here.

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