What’s in your stockroom cupboard?

We know that your stockroom cupboard can be a daunting place, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. We spoke to some of our Wonderful Brand Educators about this subject and asked them to share their top tips and tricks for keeping their stockroom cupboard organised, tidy and filled with everything they could need to tackle whatever hair challenge walks through the salon door.

Firstly, we asked Vicki from the Wonderful Hair Shop, in Waterloovile, what colours are being asked for at the moment.

“As the seasons change our clients love to change their hair colour. We have found this Winter season that coppers have made a huge come back! From bright vibrant oranges to soft copper rose blondes.

My favourite combo for my bright orange is ELEVEN Australia Permanent COLOUR in 8.44 / 8.CC orange intense with 40  vol/12%. The 40 vol makes the orange pop. My favourite combo for the Orange rose is the ELEVEN Australia Liquid Demi COLOUR 19mls 1ml 6.66 using 2% on the roots going in to 4% I found that using the 4% on the ends really helps with the longevity of the demi liquid colour.

And this is why I need a full stock room of ELEVEN Australia!

I love all the natural ingredients with in the permanent and liquid colour with the added bonus of them also being in the Colour Activators and Cream Developers. The ELEVEN Colour is a luxury colour range starting with the Porosity Equaliser Spray and ending with the Colour Lock Spray. To insure that we never run out of stock for loose last minute colour changes we stock at least 3 colours going up to 8 for our favourites, this way there is no stock room drama and we are able to give our guests the perfect colour for their hair. You never know what is going to walk through the door so every plenty of stock is a must!”

Next, we spoke to Emma Simmons, from Salon 54. Read on to see what she had to say about her stockroom cupboard.

“Salon colour work is much more complicated as clients expectations and knowledge has increased over the years. It’s so important to keep fully stocked, we have a system in place to ensure we don’t ever run out of any shade. Being a busy colour salon, you never know what might crop up, especially when carrying out colour corrections, and not carrying plenty of every shade not only makes the task more difficult but also looks very unprofessional to the client.”

Emma’s top tip – On top of the normal stock levels we carry, we also have an emergency box kept with one of every colour to make sure we are covered for any eventuality.


Lastly, we asked self-confessed colour geek, Charlotte Evans from Ginger, to share her colour tips.

“We see much more seasonal changes happening with clients wanting to add a little something different to most visits. We pride ourselves on being on top of trends and make sure all of our team are educated throughout the year allowing us to be confident to tackle any colour combo that could walk through our door. It’s all in the prep work from having a colour brand that you trust and allows you to create modern colours that your client’s notice the shine and condition to making sure the team are confident in what they do.”

We then asked Charlotte what makes her life easy. Continue reading to find out more.

“Eleven make it so much easier for the modern stylist, anything colour coded means I can work smarter and not harder,

while inhaling a packet of crisps and 10 cuppas for my dinner!”

Charlottes top tip – Make sure you have a well stock colour area, no one wants to run out of colour halfway through!

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