Yellow Professional Detox Cream

Have you tried Yellow Professional’s Detox Cream yet?

Designed to capture heavy metals that can affect hair growth, as well as removing 100% of chlorine residue that a normal shampoo cannot eliminate.This detoxifying cream has a fragrance-free formula that will give your clients’ hair super healthy results and improved combability. Removes heavy metals & chlorine whilst hydrating the hair as well as giving a new colour lock salon service.

How to use: Detox Treatment (once a week):

With dry hair, apply on scalp and hair lengths and massage. Leave on for 5-10 minutes, then rinse and apply the most suitable YELLOW PROFESSIONAL shampoo.

Detox Cream can be used before​ each Yellow care treatment, to recharge the well-being of skin and hair. Simply apply before shampoo, leave on for 10 minutes minutes and rinse. Customisation in care services to meet more than one requirement at the same time.

How to use: PH-Balancing Treatment (after colour service):

After shampooing hair, mix 25g detox cream with 1g Tone-on-Tone Creator and apply to lengths. Leave on for 5-10 minutes then rinse.

42% of the UK population are conscious about a scalp issue, while retailers** have reported a 196% growth in ‘scalp care’ category.

54% of women say that scalp is a top beauty priority & hair loss remedy searches are up by 90%῀῀ post COVID

That’s why Yellow Professional’s Scalp range is the perfect addition to anyone’s hair care routine. Yellow Scalp is the perfect beauty buddy, at your fingertips. Head to our Yellow Professional Scalp blog to discover more on Yellow Scalp here.


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